How You Can Be More Creative

Creativity is a skill that you can build using these five tips

They Dyson vacuum, the invention of Velcro, and the Ipod all became huge due to the creativity of their inventors.? Creativity is important when solving complex problems or looking for the next booming industry.? One key to creativity is to realize that everything is important.? The more knowledge you have the greater understanding you have of how things work and how to use that to solve a problem.? Dyson got his inspiration for a bagless vacuum from studying the industrial cyclones used at sawmills.

See how paying attention to detail and 4 other ideas can boost your creativity.

Consider the timing, great jazz trumpet player Miles Davis. Davis cut his musical teeth during the bebop era. Bebop was characterized by fast flurries of notes played with technical precision over fast chord changes. He began to react against this style in recordings starting in the late 1940s, but it wasn?t until the late 1950s that the world was ready for the sound that characterized albums like?Birth Of The Cool?(which was released well after it was recorded) and?Kind Of Blue, which had an enormous impact both on listeners and other players.

The final tip is making sure you know when to give up.? Sometimes people get burdened so much by one idea they get bogged down with just working on this idea that probably won?t work instead of working on something else that will.? Knowing when to switch projects, investments, or jobs is essential to happiness and success.

Know when to give up and four other great tips for inspiring creativity.

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