Tips for Summer Savings

While making a stop at the ATM in between bars to take out another twenty for the night, your screen flashes the words?insufficient funds.


Any college guy that embraces the social party scene more days of the week than not has run into this problem. The grind to scrape by on a heavy liquid diet becomes especially challenging towards the end of the school year, hence the purpose of the summer job. With year-round spending on shots, double cheeseburgers, and the occasional impulse move, money can easily become a scarcity. There are several easy ways to keep some change in the bank, while not having to cut back on the full college experience.



First, set a fixed percentage of every paycheck that will go to your savings account for school spending, and actually stick to it. Two-thirds of every paycheck should go directly to a savings account. Avoid spending summer dollars on expensive vacations and clubbing with large cover charges. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives that still involve getting shitty with old high-school girlfriends.



Camping: Whether you take a weekend with your boys or take a group of girls cabrewing (Drinking + Canoeing to the lay person), a little quality time with mother nature is a great alternative to a night at the club. All it will cost you is a few cases of beer, some cheap grill food, and a box of condoms.



We all remember an embarrassing night?or two of spending $100+ at a bar. If you are going to follow any bar rule, be it this- Leave your credit card at home. An open bar tab will always end in an outrageous bill for you and free drinks for all of your friends. Having a fixed amount of available cash for the evening will prohibit you from going over budget. Also, you will waste even more time and money if you think about heading out for a night at the bars without a pre-game. Splitting a case of beer or a box of wine beforehand will help keep your drink and ultimately your dollar count down at the bar. Play it smart on this one, bars are the most deadly poison to a college guy?s wallet. Be sure to spend on bar drinks, not bar food. Learning how to grocery shop is the only way to save money on food, especially when you are craving the drunken 2am snack.



Like many of us, if you are struggling to find that summer job, there are several simple yet lucrative places to look. Caddying, valeting, restaurant service, and interning within your major are your best payoffs.



Another additional tip to saving money could be eliminating your consumption of bottled water. Purchase a permanent bottle or thermos to refill. You will cut costs dramatically while helping the environment at the same time. On top of that, if your out just having lunch with your friends, order a water instead of a soft drink. The cumulative savings of doing this over several meals will astound you. Finally, one last tip…Pack your own lunch! Put your money towards buying whole sale foods purchased for less in which you can spread out over a longer period of time. This will surely cut down the costs of a 10 dollar lunch each day.

A little responsible summer saving can go a long way in college financing.

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About Cliff Englewood Cliff goes to MSU and is TSB Magazine resident "College Life" contributor with tips and advice to get the most out of your time in college.