Get Ripped with the Cam Gigandet Workout

Every guy wants that perfect body that every girl wants.? The six pack and the muscles.? One guy who has this is Cam Gigandet.? Here is his secret.



It was a movie that was released in 2008.? It is about: at his new high school, a rebellious teen Jake Tyler is lured into an ultimate underground fighting club in a Backyard Fight, where he finds a mentor.? The fighting is similar to the fighting in UFC. ?After receiving threats to the safety of his friends and family, and the jokes about the passing of his father, Jake trains his mind and body for one final fight with his unrelenting personal nemesis and local martial arts champion Ryan McCarthy.



He plays Ryan McCarthy in Never Back Down. Cam is ripped out of his mind and shows in the movie that he can fucking fight!? He beats the shit out of guys that are huge.? In the movie, Cam is more cut than he is big.? He walks around and does not even need to flex to show his 8-pack, yes 8-pack!? Every fucking guys goal.? Cam had 3% body fat in the movie which is ridiculous!? What is the secret, here it is:


Monday – Chest
3 – 25 push ups
3 – nautilus press 45, 55, 65
3 – nautilus incline press 55, 65, 70
3 – pec deck machine 40, 45, 50

Tuesday – Back
3 – 5 pull ups
3 – seated rows 75, 80, 85
3 – lat pull downs 85, 90, 95
3 – t bar rows 50, 55, 60

Wednesday – Shoulders
3 – Arnold press 35, 35, 35
3 – laterals 15, 15, 15
3 – front raises 10, 10, 10

Thursday – Biceps & Triceps
3 – nautilus curl machine 20, 25, 30
3 – ez curls cable 30, 35, 40
3 – hammer curls 15, 20, 25
3 – push downs 50, 55, 60

Treadmill 45 minutes 65-75% MHR

Sat/Sun off

Reps Range From 20-30 reps on all exercises.? These reps make you ?cut?.

Those were the weights he used.? Use weight that suits you and within time you will increase the weight little by little.

Also you can add your own workouts into this one, just remember that the more reps you do the more cut you will become!



Cam Gigandet stated: ?A basic workout with a dialed in nutrition will give phenomenal results.?

Cam incorporated these foods into his diet to get that ?cut? physique:

  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Berries
  • Almonds
  • Eggs
  • Meat

Cam also had four protein meals a day which helped with his ?cut? physique.

This is Cam Gigandet’s workout and the way he developed his “cut” body.? It worked for him so it should work for most people.? Follow his workout and EAT HEALTHY!? Girls love the six pack and a guy who is ripped!? Girls like these:


Who knows this can be you one day:

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