7 Ways To Stand Out From Other New Graduates

7 Ways To Stand Out From Other New Graduates

Competition in the job market remains high, especially among new graduates. However, you need not concern yourself too much with this fact. Your success as a new graduate depends on your willingness to adjust to new circumstances more than anything else.

You must make a decision. Will you shape events or will you allow events to shape you? If you choose the former, then the first step in acting on it is to break from the mold of the student and to forge the cast of the master?of a professional who is ready to enter and thrive in the world of work.

Thinking and acting as a professional will set you apart from other new graduates. By marrying the energy and freshness of youth with the skill and wisdom of maturity you will open the doors necessary to march confidently towards success.

Here are some tips to make this happen:

1. Be a problem solver, not a problem bringer

You have probably met them. You know: the people who always point out the problems with doing a thing, but never help formulate solutions. To avoid becoming one of them, never think in terms of what you can?t do but always of what you can. There are always conditions that limit the range of what can be done to meet a particular goal. However, you want to earn the reputation among your colleagues as someone who brings solutions to problems rather than someone who only brings the problems themselves.

2. Network and empower

Everyone knows of the value of networking. It is important to stay connected to people who may be able to help you. However, it is just as important for you to look for ways that you can help them. Never wait until you need something before contacting someone in your business network. Make it a point to put any relevant information and resources in your possession at their disposal.

3. Be your own PR agent

Get your cards made and yourself on LinkedIn. Keep your resume and your profile on social media fully updated. Always be ready to give the short, two-minute, spiel on what you do. You never know who you will meet while you?re out getting coffee or at a formal event. You should never be without the means or the conversation to promote yourself.

4. Minimize email

Learn how to use email. If you gain a reputation as a serial emailer, you will soon find yourself ignored by your colleagues. It?s nothing personal. Everyone struggles to manage their inbox. As a junior employee, you are not likely to have the clout to command attention. However, if you learn how to send emails that are clear, informative, and to the point you will likely be read. Indeed, it is often better to go see your colleagues in person or to put in a phone call to them. It is a way both to minimize the emails you send and to introduce yourself to individuals who might not know you that well.

A few things to attend to in your personal appearance and presentation:

5. Dress

Little needs to be said about the standard suit and tie for interviews and so forth. You should also think about the casual wear in your wardrobe. This is especially important if you?ve decided to strike out on your own as an entrepreneur. As was said before, you never know who you will meet while you?re out and about. You want to make a good first impression no matter where you happen to be. You should save the jeans and t-shirts for working or relaxing at home. A collared shirt and a nice pair of shoes and slacks should be your clothing of choice when going out.

6. Language

You should aim to be among the few among your peers who don?t use the word ?like? every two seconds. Get to a place where ?bro? and OMG? are also dropped from your vocabulary. You will find that your conversation is more polished, direct, and professional once these verbal ticks have been eliminated from it.

7. Manner

Cultivate a sense of graciousness. When in conversation with others, try as much as you are able to enter into their point of view. Be pleasant and inclusive when speaking with others. This will help you gain the confidence and friendship of the people you work with. And don?t buy into the belief that you don?t need friends at work. It?s just not true. Your career and professional life will be made a great deal easier by forming personal bonds with colleagues.


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