Dirty Talk Made Simple


You hear it all the time in porn, but?unlike most sexual accoutrement so often misrepresented in?the aforementioned genre, talking dirty is one of those things that can not only spice up your sex life for real, but that feels so damn good in the moment.

Dirty talk makes sex better.

Firstly, because it just lets you be yourself- it let?s you be honest. But also because it?s something that, if done right, can make your girl more willing to open up sexually.

It lets her know that it?s okay to be open, free and honest around you. It can make her comfortable enough to get really wild.

The problem is that dirty talk can be pretty tough to do right. Especially in the heat of the moment, when all kind of sexy nonsense is running through your endorphin filled brain.

So to eliminate the guesswork, here?s a quick and dirty guide to talking dirty


* Have the right tone.

Before we get into what to actually say, there is a required disclaimer about how to say it.

When it comes to dirty talk, it?s not the time to be shy or seem unsure.

You have to say what you say with confidence- with certainty.

The easiest way to do this is to just sincerely mean everything that comes out of your mouth.

You need to do away with self-consciousness and put yourself in the mindset that it?s okay to say the things that you?re about?to say.


* Use rated-R language.

This is part of creating the tone we just talked about.

If you?re already naked and putting each other?s body parts in your mouths; you don?t need to use PG13 language.

Just go for broke?with the swearing. Especially fuck, fucking etc.

There?s a lot of power in that word. It?s a representation that there?s no need to be polite or to hold back. It means that all bets are off.

So make sure your nouns and adjectives feel and sound dirty. Say things?like they do in porn.

***A word of caution against calling a girl a ?bitch? or the c-word. Don?t do it. I?d say 9/10 times those are the two words that are completely?off limits. They can really turn a woman off, even in the heat of the moment. Be dirty, but be a gentlemen.



?Do you like that??

?Do you like it when I _______ ??

?Does that feel good??

?What do you want me to do to you??

?I want you to_______ ?

?I want to_______ ?

Here?s the beauty of asking during dirty talk; you find what she likes, what?s going to make her cum, and are encouraging her to tell you all the things that she?s ever wanted done to her.

Making a girl reach orgasm is your number one priority during sex. But just below that is getting her to do things with you that she?s never done, but has always wanted to.

Also, ask and ye shall receive. So don?t be afraid to give direction or ask for things during sex. You?d be surprised how simple it?s always been to fulfill your desires.


* Give feedback.

?I love it when you _______ ?

?The way you? _______?drives me crazy.?

?It feels so good when you _______ ?

This one is a no brainer. If you like something, let her know!

What?s important, however, is to spice this one up and/or be specific. Adjectives are really your friend here.

And?you might consider tacking on;

??like a (sexy compliment i.e. bad girl)?

Which brings us to…


* Compliment.

?You are so fucking _______ ?(physical compliment i.e. ?hot?, ?sexy?, ?bad?).”

There is definitely some lay over from the other categories here, but that?s because you?ll often find yourself pairing a compliment with an ask or feedback.

i.e. ?You?re so fucking bad it that it makes me want to _______ ?

But there is certainly nothing wrong with an out and out shameless compliment, so long as it?s sincere.

At the end of the day all you?re doing is encouraging good work.


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