Choosing The Perfect Restaurant For The Perfect Date

Choosing The Perfect Restaurant For The Perfect Date

You?ve got the date. Now you need to organize it. The old fashion dinner-and- a-movie date still appeals strongly to most women. Whether the night ends the way you want it to will depend largely on where you take her. Dinner at the right restaurant can establish a good mood that lasts throughout the entire evening. It is therefore worth taking the time to select a great spot.

You should first think about the nature of your flirtation. It may be the case that the romance between the two of you is based on lively banter. You may both share the same sense of humor. The charged feelings you have for each other may be the result of playful, relaxed, and ironical conversation. If this is the case, you should take her to a restaurant with a staff and a setting which will amplify that. Romance can mean different things to different people. It would be a mistake to take a girl who you regularly crack jokes with to a place that is somber and stuffy. Doing so may make you the joke rather than the people around you. However, if you?re dealing with a simpler, more straightforward courtship, then the classic, elegant dining space may be just the right thing.

It is also important to take note of weather and season. If it?s a summer date and the forecast is for a warm and pleasant evening, then you should make the most of it by reserving a table at a place with a patio. There is something about night air and candles that pushes hearts together. I?ve had some experience with this. On one occasion I took my date to a small rather out-of-the-way seafood restaurant. It was open air?with only a large canvass to keep the rain out?and sat beside a narrow road overlooking the sea. We arrived just before sunset. The combination of food, drink, and the setting sun produced the most rapturous effect on both of us: so much so that we ended up skipping the movie and, well, you know? The point is you should use time and place to your advantage. It may lead to unexpected pleasures.

Service is also something to look at. This may seem trivial, but on date night it can prove crucial. Servers who are prompt, warm, and efficient can only make your date feel comfortable and welcome. Good service will also help you avoid awkward moments such having to repeatedly signal your waiter or waitress without result. Remember that every little thing counts on a first date. It may seem ridiculous, but if you can?t get proper service at your table you will look weak and ineffectual to your date.

While you?re evaluating the service you should do the same for the food and wine. Going to a restaurant that serves bad food can kill the romance in a date. Some women find being served bad wine an intolerable offence. As a rule, if I really like the girl I?ve invited to dinner, I make it a point to have a little something at the restaurant I?ve chosen before the actual date. This may seem a bit extravagant, but it need not be so. Drop by during lunch and have something light. Your only aim is to get a sense of what the food is like.

Finally, you want to choose a place that is convenient to get to and return from. A long drive to the restaurant can be a nice time for you to engage in getting-to-know-you small talk. But you must consider the drive back. If there is a spark between you while you?re having dinner, it is likely to fizzle by the time you?ve gotten to a place where you can do something about it.


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