4 Key “Good Man” Traits Alpha Males Have

4 Traits of the Alpha Male

Everywhere you look, you?ll find articles on why nice guys can never get the girl, why bad boys seem to have their pick of them, and how a nice guy can be more like the proverbial bad boy. As those who know me can attest, I strive to give you nothing but my patented ?CHT,? or cold, hard truth, whether you like it or not, as that?s the best way I can help you.

The cold, hard truth on this specific topic is that no nice guy will ever turn into an all-out bad boy. Sure, he can go to the school of pickup artistry, learn some goofy lines and focus on psychological mumbo-jumbo such as push-pull theory, break apart ?comfort game? vs. ?escalation game,? but at the end of the day, congruency never lies, and things always end up where they belong. You don?t know how many clients I?ve seen on either side of the ?hot chick? vs. ?rich guy? spectrum, where inevitably the relationship has failed because it?s not real. The money and the looks are never enough, because you can?t fake being someone else forever.

That being said, I?ve always been all about self-improvement and being the best one can be (this won?t involve peacocking outfits, however). Keeping that in mind, let?s focus on The Masculine Way, and think about 4 traits Alpha Males invariably possess, that every man should strive to do so as well:

  1. Integrity and Honor. This is as simple as keeping your word, doing the right thing in situations (both which involve and her and which don?t). Speak the truth to others. Know thyself. A wanna-be player tries to one-up his woman in playing games, whether it comes to being late to see each other, time he takes to return calls, texts, etc. and the such. Too much thought and effort. A true alpha male finds a better woman, if his won?t respect him and his time.
  2. Remember the line from the movie Road House, which was along the lines of ?Be nice, until it?s time to not be nice?? An Alpha Male is not an asshole by default to the world, that?s what an angry young boy is like. Alpha Males expect and typically receive respect, with kindness. Kindness that is never mistaken for weakness. You can look at him, look in his eyes, and you will know everything you need to know.
  3. Self-Confidence. The key word is ?Self.? You will feel secure in your own skin when dealing with all sorts of people in all sorts of situations. It?s almost a Buddhist-like simplicity in being responsible for your own validation, your own support, your own happiness.
  4. The idea of the clunky, meathead is old-school. The modern Alpha Male takes care of himself, in and out of the gym, and that includes not bragging about an IQ figure, but having a worldliness culminating from experience, and showing a desire for continued growth.

Don?t fall into the traps of being a nice guy, thinking that you will one day inherit the world with your meekness (you won?t). Don?t try to ?become? a bad boy, instead, either.?? Strive to be a good man, and go after what you deserve as a true alpha male.

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