6 Sentences that Make a Girl Run Away

Things to NEVER Say to a Woman

Do you want to scare away every woman you meet? I am pretty sure you don?t. What you really want is to approach a gorgeous woman, to take her number and to make her fall in love with you during the first date.

What do I want? I want to help you to achieve this goal. I want you to have the success with women that you truly want to have. Unfortunately, there are a lot of guys who don?t end up in a relationship with the woman they truly want, just because they are saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

Don?t be another one of those guys who miss out on a happy and fulfilling relationship with the girl of their dreams, just because they said the wrong sentences. Have a look at the six sentences that you should avoid like the plague and don?t make the next girl you meet run away after five minutes.

Six Sentences to Avoid Saying…

  1. “I?ll give you my number”

Imagine you just approached a really beautiful girl and the conversation is going great. You talk about her hobbies and her passion, you connect with her and from the way she smiles whenever you say something you already know that she is interested in more.

By approaching her in a direct way, you showed that you are a man with a high self-confidence. She is convinced that she talks to a real leader who takes her number, calls her and leads her through the seduction process.

The worst thing you can say in this situation is ?I?ll give you my number? or ?you can take my number if you want?. It might be a little bit scary to ask a girl for her number, especially when you are very inexperienced, but giving a girl your number shows that you chicken out of taking over the leadership.

Women want to be together with leaders who are confident enough to ask for their number, not with guys who are unwilling to lead.

  1. “You can call me if you want”

In the same way as you shouldn?t give a woman your number when you could ask her to give her yours, you should never tell a woman that she can call you if she wants. The only thing you show with those words is that you are so insecure that you don?t believe that she would pick up the phone if you would call her.

As the man you are the leader. It is your job to tell her when you are going to call her and it is also your job to eventually call her. No woman wants to be together with a guy who doesn?t have the self-confidence to assume that she would pick up the phone for him.?

  1. “You can decide”

Let?s assume that you have survived the approaching phase and it is time for the date. You call her and to your surprise she picks up the phone. What does she expect you to do in this situation? She expects you to fulfill your role as a man. She assumes that you already know where you are going to take her and when you are picking her up.

Unfortunately, I know a lot of guys who think they are gentlemen when they tell the girl they want to end up in a relationship with that they can decide where to go. Believe me when I say that no woman on this earth wants to be the one who plans the date.

By saying an innocent sentence like ?you can decide? you show the inability to lead and the inability to make decisions. Both characteristics are anything but attractive.

  1. “I am really not a player”

Do you know that women test you when they are attracted to you? They don?t want to be mean by doing this. All they want is to see if you have the necessary self-confidence and eloquence to be a good boyfriend.

Due to the fact that a woman knows that she is not the first girl you have ever approached, especially when the way you approach her projects confidence, chances are high that she will test you in regards to your ability to seduce women.

She might say things like ?I bet you have a lot of experience with women? or ?I bet you are a player?. How should you react? The worst thing you can do is to become apologetic and defensive by saying that you are not a player and that her allegations are not true.

That?s not how a confident man handles this situation. A confident man doesn?t become defensive and apologetic. He reacts in a calm and cocky way while showing her that he is indeed a player, because he knows that women are attracted to this characteristic.

  1. “Who was that?”

Thank god! You didn?t react in a defensive and apologetic way when she tested you. You reacted just the way she wanted you to react and you transformed the first date into one of the most memorable evenings of her whole life.

The second and third date went also great and you ended up in a relationship with her. Everything could be perfect but every time she talks to a man on the phone, you ask her ?who was that?? while you are looking at her with a serious face.

Well, you are just about to destroy a perfect relationship through jealousy. Just because your girlfriend talks to other men, doesn?t mean that she cheats on you. You can ask this question in the friendliest way possible, but she still knows that you only ask her because you are insecure and afraid to lose her.

  1. “I can?t live without you”

Being in a relationship can be great and being in love with a girl is one of the most amazing feelings you can have. I don?t say that you shouldn?t say ?I love you? to a woman who you really love. That?s absolutely fine.

The only thing I wouldn?t say if I were you is ?I can?t live without you.? I know that this sentence sounds so romantic when you hear it in Hollywood movies, but in real life it always has a negative connotation.

A woman wants to be in a relationship with a man who loves her, but the last thing she wants is to be afraid that her boyfriend will jump off a cliff when she thinks about breaking up with him. Don?t say stuff like that and she won?t break up with you.

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