Millennials Vs Gen X – How You Can Reap Financial Rewards

The best investing strategy determined by the generation gap

Millennials, Generation X, and the Baby Boomers all have different investing strategies as they should at each different phase in their life.? Millennials should be in growth stocks and Baby Boomers should be in income generating investments like bonds and equities that pay dividends.? Then Gen X should be somewhere in the middle.? The one trend that is alarming is AAPL makes up almost 10% of each generations portfolios adding extra risk to your investment since AAPL is only 4% of the S&P 500.

See what each generation is doing right to maximize your returns.

O?Shaughnessy also warns millennials against loading up on the latest sizzling tech stock, say Alibaba, and advises them to look hard at underlying valuations. In many cases price-earnings ratios have shot sky-high, and just do not represent smart buys.

There is a general rule in life that you should look to your elders for advice in life.? For investing this rule holds true too.? While investing in the latest tech stocks can reap great rewards there is also a lot of risk added to it.? My friend would be a millionaire at this point with an inheritance from when his grand father passed away but his parents invested it all in tech stocks in late 2000 and then the bubble burst so he lost most of his inheritance.? A high growth tech stock might be flying high one day and crash the next.? This is why you need to balance your portfolio with old reliable proven companies ?like AT&T and Microsoft.

Learn how to maximize your return by seeing how the different generations invest.


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About Shaun Archer Tatum Shaun works in corporate finance in New York City. He has done financial consulting for several start-ups and has worked at several Fortune 500 companies. He has contributed several finance/investing articles on Seeking Alpha which have been published on Yahoo! Finance.

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