Style Mistakes Killing Your Chances With Women

Women like men who look good.

Not only because looking groomed, mature and put together is a sign of sexual maturity (and you can?t fight nature), but if you look good, you feel good and confidence is easily half the battle.

Dressing and grooming well are how a woman can tell if you?re a confident man from twenty feet away, before you?ve ever even opened your mouth.

However a lot of guys go too far. They put in so much effort in trying to look sexually appealing to women, that they often emasculate themselves, in addition to looking desperate.

Looking like you?re trying hard is inseparable from desperation. It?s the exact opposite of confidence.

So what are some of the style choices you might be making that are making you look desperate and are driving women away?



Shoes are a huge deal. Many women confess to having an obsession with shoes, but socially, we?re taught from an early age that shoes say everything about you. From your interests, to your social value. Shoes are your personality.

Let?s address the sneaker phenomenon, first.

Huge, gold plated, spiked sneakers don?t make you look like a rapper. They make you look like a dungeon master who thinks he?s rapper and will make you listen to his awful mixtape every time you go over to his house.

They make you look childish and show-offish in a bad way. No girl wants to sleep with an immature guy.

Stick with the classics when it comes to sneakers. Vans, Converse, Fred Perry or similar. Clean, simple, go-with-anything and never-go-out-of-style sneakers are the ticket.

For dressing up? Brown leather and grey suede/denim are very in. Black leather is fine when wearing an all black suit, but for the love of all that?s wholly, lose the black shoes with blue jeans look. They make you look like a divorcee from the mid-90s who smells?like bad cologne.

And while we?re on it, what?s with slippers? Unless you?re Kanye or an oil prince they make you look like you spend your Friday nights inside with your friends playing Fifa while your mom makes drinks for everyone.

Same goes with running or athletic shoes. Pumas are for race car drivers, New Balance are for Silicon Valley CEOs.



Boot-cut and ripped jeans make you look like you?re trying to be the ?bad-boy? in an early 2000s boy-band. Except now you?re an adult, the women you?re trying to sleep with are (hopefully) not in high-school and we all know that you don?t own a motorcycle.

Baggy, over-designed jeans are usually a look that screams to women, ?I spent lots of money so that you would sleep with me.?

Go for a slim or straight cut instead. They?ll almost always compliment you better, as well as give you a naturally clean, mature look.



I don?t know if the Ed Hardy giant-logo on T-shirts thing was ever popular, but recently it seems to have transitioned to not only t-shirts, but colored shirts as well, with weird embroidered logos.

Just about all logos on T-shirts make you look like a frat-boy who spent more time in the mirror than the girl he?s hitting on, but the embroidered shirt is particularly bad. It makes you look overdresses with zero class. Complete lose-lose.

It?s obvious peacocking. And anything obvious, looks needy and desperate, not to mention immature.


Hair and facial hair.

?Blow-outs?, faux-hawks and spiked hair in general are done. Women who see you sporting them immediately think, ?I get it, you like to party and you?re trying really hard to be sexy and let everyone know.?

Again, these are the things that make you look immature and out of touch.

Also, goatees and soul patches make you look like a cartoon character or a middle-aged nightclub owner from the 90s with too many teenaged girlfriends.

Beards, moustaches and business-like haircuts are what?s in and what make you look like a mature, confident man.



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