Is Your Latest Crush Sexy Ugly?

Is Your Latest Crush Sexy Ugly?

She may not have the looks of a classic beauty. She may not have long hair, perky tits, a small waist, a tight ass, and a pretty face; indeed, she may be a bit plain looking, a bit chunky, and somewhat ill-favored in the face. There is nevertheless something about your latest crush that keeps you burning with desire for her. Compared to the girls you?ve dated in the past she?s not that attractive, and your head tells you that you should not find her as sexy as you do. If you?re suffering from such contradictory feelings, then you may have found a girl who is sexy ugly.

In truth, I find the sexy ugly girl a mystery. There is something about her that pulls you inexplicably towards her, that makes you almost pant after her body.?Perhaps the point is best put across by giving an example. The local caf? that I frequent has recently hired a new waitress. She has short black hair, is a bit chubby at the mid-section and somewhat fat in the face. I don?t think she?s that pretty, yet I find her extremely sexy. I?ve puzzled it out, and I believe my feelings have to do with the way she carries herself. She exudes an extraordinary power of confidence and sensuality. She wears clothes that accentuate parts of her body that are worth looking at. She moves with a shake and roll of the hips designed to get attention. She speaks with a constant timbre of flirtation and has dark, smoky eyes that give off a hint of suggestion?as though she is always just on the cusp of asking me to bed.

I hope you see the idea I?m getting at. Sexy ugly girls embody some combination of features that appeal to a raw instinct in us. Our fantasies about them come from our desire to indulge ourselves completely in the yearnings of the flesh. Going out with a girl who may not have a flat stomach but has a big, luscious booty she knows how to toss around, or a girl who may not have the perfect face but has a big pair of tits, is a way of emancipating ourselves from what we’ve been conditioned to find attractive.

Enough of the psychology: on to the benefits of dating a sexy ugly girl. I?ve dated a few of them, and I?d say the first benefit of doing so is that they are genuinely fun to hang out with. This is what distinguishes a sexy ugly girl from a girl who thinks she?s fat or ugly. The former don?t care about what men and other women think about them. They?re out to get all that they can from life, and if you?re willing to show them a good time then they?ll show you one.

Second, sexy ugly girls know their bodies, which makes them great in bed. Again, the sexy ugly girl is not ashamed of how she looks, she is quite proud of it. She knows how to please her man and how to get her man to please her?which makes for some great romping in her boudoir.

Finally, if you have found a girl who you think is sexy ugly chances are you?ll be in small company. Few other men are likely to see what you see. This will cut down on the competition; and if you?ve got game, make it so that you get her complete attention.

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