3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Style

Don’t underestimate the way your clothes can affect your ability to meet women

Most men fail to realize that developing a strong personal style can make the women around you want to meet you. I use the word style instead of fashion because while fashions come and go, style remains constant. Here are a few reasons why you should pay more attention to what’s in your closet:

1. She doesn’t know you

Plenty of millionaires have hot wives even though they dress poorly, but that’s because they are millionaires. When Steve Jobs walked into any kind of social gathering, he got the attention of the most beautiful women regardless of the fact that he always wore mom jeans and a black turtleneck.

When you walk into a social gathering, however, and most people don’t know you, your clothes are an opportunity to give someone insight into your personality and lifestyle before you start exchanging words.

2. Couples tend to match


Not that couples wear matching outfits necessarily, but a man and woman are more likely to get together when they both dress in a corresponding manner. For example, a guy in a band who wears black t-shirts, black pants and a black leather jacket will usually date women who have rock and roll or goth fashion senses. You probably won’t see him with a bright sweater- and long skirt-wearing church-goer.

Think about how to dress in a way that matches your lifestyle, and then understand that women with similar lifestyles and fashion senses will have more favorable dispositions toward you.

3. Don’t give her reasons to reject you before you meet her

This last point ties into the first two. If you wear bedazzled Ed Hardy t-shirts, women will jump to the wrong conclusions about you before they have a chance to meet you. Women can’t take the time to get to know every man who approaches them, so they make a few quick judgments based on factors such as body language and clothing, and then decide whether there might be potential for anything more. They also decide whether they would be receptive to you approaching them at all, so make sure your outward appearance works in your favor.

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