How To Flirt With A GILF

How To Flirt With A GILF

As the recent Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage proves, all the old rules and boundaries that confine and restrict human relationships are slowly fading away. While some taboos remain?and those for good reason?it is a salient fact of our time that two adults who meet and find an instant attraction to each other can date and be happy without fear of social rejection.

This new liberality is partly responsible for the rise of the GILF (Granny I?d Like to Fuck) culture that now rivals the MILF mania that was so prevalent years ago. Fifty plus women have shed their clogs and housecoats and frumpy dresses and embraced their own energy, desire, and sexual energy.

Now there are some who overdo it. They wear clothes and make up in a way that makes them look both trashy and desperate for attention. But most?and you?ve probably seen them?take a finer approach to looking hot. They may sport designer jeans and high heel shoes. They may wear blouses or tastefully cut tank tops that show a tan, full bosom. They may return your stare with a smile and flirtatious glances of their own. This is the modern GILF, and she is more of a woman than you can possibly imagine.

But how do you flirt with a GILF? The first thing to recognize is that she is a generation older than you. Game that is consistently effective with women your own age is not likely to work with her. In my experience, fifty plus women are easily charmed but not easily impressed. Bragging and bravado will get you nowhere. She will like the fact that you?re giving her attention. However, she will be turned off if you come across as thinking too much of yourself. Even if in her mind the relationship between you will be purely sexual, she has probably seen enough assholes to know one on sight. And she won?t want to waste her time with someone who is rude or boring or needs his ego constantly stroked.

Mature women like subtlety, wit, and graciousness. Make small talk, but show an interest in her life and work. You should also continue to look at her and drop casual compliments to her in ways that demonstrate your physical attraction to her body. At first she may be a little embarrassed by the attention?especially if she is a more understated beauty?but after a while she will get used to it, and then really begin to enjoy it.

Another thing to keep in mind when going after a GILF is that her life is probably fuller and more complex than yours. Don?t try to do everything in one go. When you meet?whether it is at a party or in your local coffee shop?you are unlikely to see the various connections she has in her life: career, homes, friends, children, grandchildren, and ex-husbands. Your best move is to go for the long game. If you know she?s a regular at the coffee shop or restaurant you frequent, make it a point to stop and chat for a little while whenever you?re both there. Try to gather as much information about the state of her life in as casual a way as you can. You will eventually find an opening to ask her out. When the time comes, don?t blow it; for you may not get another shot.

Finally, if the GILF you?re after is really worth it you will have to make a sacrifice. You cannot flirt with younger women in her presence. That will ruin your chances with her. Some grannies may see it as a challenge, but most will turn cold at the sight. Don?t risk it. Get your GILF through style, guile, and impeccable game.

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