5 Ways To Create Chemistry During Conversation


No one is debating that women find guys in shape more attractive. Or guys who dress better for that matter. Or guys who are super ambitious with their careers and lives.

But at some point you’re going to have to open your mouth and actually say something.

The fact is chemistry is?everything when comes to attraction, and the only was to create chemistry is through conversation.

What should you do during conversation to create said chemistry?


1. Tease her.

Women love a challenge and teasing?is?a chance to show her that you?re able to play on her level. Teasing creates competition, which creates tension.

There?s something primal that?s hard wired into our brains. If someone proves a worthy challenge, then they?re logically a worthy mate.

However, you shouldn’t be making fun of her in a negative way. Negativity is, obviously, associating with negative feelings, and if you?re flat out mean, you?re going to create anger instead of tension.

Teasing should always be intended to create positive emotions.

If you can create positive emotions in a girl, she?ll naturally want to be around you more, as we?ll dive into further down.


2. Be authentic and honest.

First, it?s so hard to pretend to be someone who you?re not. And if you?re doing it just for the sake of getting laid, not only?is it?a matter of time before your fake personalities falls apart, but women will probably be able to see right through it.

If you?re faking it, women think that you must feel the need to do that because you?re not confident, and thus, desperate. Total turn off.

But ?it also means not hiding or being ashamed of your desires.


Make sure she knows that you?re interested in her in a sexual way. You don?t have to come on like a freight train, but at the very least, a quick flirty, shameless compliment will spin the conversation in a brand new direction and start building that sexual tension.


3. Get her talking about her.

Thank Stanford University for this one, one of their latest studies shows that women like conversations better when the focus is on them.

The study showed that men who say ?you? and women who say ?I? more frequently, had more successful dates.

This is probably because if you?re a guy that never shuts up about himself, it comes off as overly boastful, douchey and, thus desperate.

Remember, in the eyes of a woman;

Self inflation = desperation.

However, this doesn?t mean don?t be engaged. Again, this is about showing interest. Feel free to interrupt her and ask questions. Keep the conversation engaging, keep her invested.


4. Laugh, smile, have fun.

Remember when we talked about those positive emotions above?

The way you act is infectious and creates emotions in her as well.

If you?re keeping the atmosphere fun, then her brain will be releasing endorphins.

Endorphins are the happy chemical your brain makes. They?re a drug. And they?re addicting.

This is the thing that makes women want to be around you more and more, because they want to keep feeling the same way.


5. Make her laugh.

See above.

It?s why funny guys do so well with women. So get her laughing around you as often as possible.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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