Can You Really Put A Girl In The Friend Zone?

Not only can you put a girl in the Friend Zone, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of your game if you haven’t been putting girls in the Friend Zone, already.

Sometimes this just happens naturally, and you may even already have girls in your Friend Zone.  The trick is knowing whether or not you’re doing it, and being in control of whether or not you do it.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been times where a girl and I are both in each other’s Friend Zone, naturally.  You’d think the two zones would cancel each other out and the love sessions would begin, but really we just didn’t want to be anything other than friends.

And to boot, we never even considered it a zone, it was just the way our relationship worked.

True story, there was a time my friend Kassia and I were joking around at a party, wrestling and messing around with each other, when one of our mutual friends, Peter, actually got jealous.

He liked her, but didn’t have the balls to actually just ask her out.  Did she have him in her Friend Zone?  Totally.

He also couldn’t understand why I didn’t want anything more with her, and that’s another post for another day.  I just wanted to express that the Friend Zone can happen quite naturally, as much as it can happen intentionally.

Can You Really Put A Girl In The Friend Zone?

Other times, however, including a time more recently, there was a girl I started hanging out with just as friends, and she developed feelings for me.  I expressed that it wouldn’t be fair to remain friends if she wanted more, but she was committed to trying to be just my friend.

Sound familiar?  It’s a nice girl trying to win over a bad boy or a boy “out of her league” no different than a nice guy would try to win over a bad girl or a girl “out of his league”.

Fact of the matter is there are several advantages to putting girls in your Friend Zone, or at least knowing that you’re doing it intentionally.

It’s not about being mean, or about getting revenge, it’s just about acknowledging that there are girls in your sphere who could be more than friends if you wanted to go there with her.

You’ll Have The Upper Hand

If this girl in particular has you in her Friend Zone, then by putting her in your Friend Zone, it’s like you’re taking back control.  Part of the reason you’re in her Friend Zone already may just be because you let yourself be put into her Friend Zone.

No woman is attracted to a slave.  Fact is women like free men, and part of being a free man means that you take advantages, seek opportunities, and have access to the upper hand.

Even if she doesn’t have you in her Friend Zone already, by putting her in yours, you’ll have the upper hand over her at the start.

Think of it like having the first move in a game of chess.

She’ll Want You More

With you having the upper hand, and having control over the outcome and the dynamics of the situation, your attractiveness will sky rocket in her eyes.

Remember, women are not attracted to slaves, which includes slaves of the body and slaves of the mind.  Guys who are typically in the Friend Zone are slaves of the mind.  They’re willing to be in her cage mentally, since there is no actual cage in reality.

But by taking the upper hand and putting girls in your zone, then you’ve become a free man.  You’ve taken back control, and your attractiveness will start to soar.

She’ll Start Chasing You

Once she wants you more and can’t have you the way she wants you, she’s going to start chasing after you and going crazy for you.

I know how sinister that sounds, or even how crazy that sounds, but just imagine for a second what you would do if a girl had you in her Friend Zone…

Let’s say you wanted her because she was a powerful, attractive woman.  And let’s just say every time you wanted more from her, she was in control of whether or not she’d allow you to have what you wanted.  And then you saw her with another guy.

You’d walk away, right?

Hahaha.  Of course, not, dude.

You’d want her more every single day and imagine a life together with her.  She’ll do the same.  Except instead of you trying to get her, she’ll be trying to get you.

And I like those odds for you.

Let me know what you think about the possibility of putting girls in your Friend Zone down in the comments below.

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