How To Get Your Emotions Under Control

The right hemisphere of your brain is a wonderful thing.

It does all of your fun, out-the-box-thinking and generates all of your creativity.

It makes you unique, witty, stylish, artistic.?It?s where you think up all things that make you, you.

But it?s also where your emotions come from, and when it comes to game, emotions are a killer.

Acting overly emotional and needy will drive almost any woman away, because those actions are the absolute antithesis of masculinity.

Woman judge men based on their emotions and reactions, because women primarily make decisions based on gut feelings and intuition; they know when something isn?t right just based on the vibes being put out.

Where as men generally just feel the need to dominate everything and make decisions based on a logical win-lose ratio.

Thus, it?s widely seen by society that emotions are inherently feminine, where as cold logic is more a man?s trait.

If you?re acting wildly emotional, women don?t see you as a masculine, desirable man. They see you as feminine. And in the broadest terms, women aren?t attracted to feminine men.

It?s not to say you can?t be emotional, ever. First of all, you?re not a robot. Second of all, good luck having a functional relationship that you can?t be mildly vulnerable in.

The key is to not let your emotions rule you, be the primary force in your decision-making or the way you live your life.

Where your right-brain gets you in trouble here is that sometimes it can make you more emotional when it?s over-worked.

Maybe you?ve been swamped with creative tasks at work, or maybe you?ve amerced yourself in some other?creative project or pursuit, but chances are that aside from the stress, you?re just naturally feeling more emotional because of it.

If you?re over-working your right-brain, if it?s the only part of your brain that your exercising, it tends to take over and you have a hard time seeing the world in any other way than through your emotional lenses.

So say all you?re do is working in a creative capacity and your right brain is just alive with activity. But the second something goes wrong, say, a girl doesn?t respond to your text right away, your emotions are easily going to overpower your logic, because that?s the side of the brain that?s most dominant at that moment.

Your over-active creativity from your right-brain will screw you here too. Your brilliant mind will come up with endless possible scenarios why she isn?t getting back to you.

You?ll start to panic and be overwhelmed with negative emotions. And the problem will be that all you can focus on are all the terrible things in your life. That?s because the logic side of your brain isn?t kicking in to save you.

Think of the sides of your brain like two Olympic runners at the starting gate. Except one has been training none-stop for past year and the other has been sitting on the couch watching Netflix.

So what you need to do is take a break from your right-brain every now and then, and exercise the left, more logical side.

It?s a lot more fun, relaxing and rewarding than you think.

Essentially, you want to do tasks that don?t require a lot of out-of-the-box thinking, or where the answers to problems are provided for you.

Working out is a great one, but you may also have noticed how relaxing playing video games or working on puzzles and so on can be after a long day at work.

Same goes for cleaning your house, restoring furniture, working on cars, etc. ?Anything where the answer to the problem is purely logical.

(Try to avoid shopping for things like clothes or stuff for your place however?when your right-brain is calling the shots. Chances are you?ll have some buyer’s remorse)

It gives a chance for your left-brain to solve some problems based on pure logic, and as a result, you?ll start to make more of your decisions based on the same.

Remember, this is all about keeping the sides of your brain, and thus, your personality in balance.

Too much right, you?re an emotional wreck.

Too much left, you?re boring as shit.

You want to be a unique but confident guy for women to see you as attractive.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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