Mindsets Stopping You From Getting The Girl


The biggest obstacle to you getting girls is you.

More importantly, the mindsets you adopt that are literally poisoning your chances, sometimes before you even start talking to a girl.

Here are the toxic mindsets you have to eliminate in order to get the girl.


1. Adversarial / Competitive.

Sure, we all know this is ?the game?, but if you?re playing it just to be competitive, or if you?re going into an interaction with a girl, assuming that she?s somehow your adversary, you won?t be getting the results you want.

It?s because this mindset leaves one crucial ingredient out of the mix, fun.

Creating fun interaction with a girl is the thing that gets her wanting to come back to you over and over again.

If you?re seeing everything as some sort of mechanical operation, or simply a game that you have to win, chances are she won?t be having fun around you.


2. Assuming you?re not good enough.

This is deadly. If you naturally assume that you?re not good enough for a girl, if that?s the place you?ve put yourself in your mind, then it will translate through your actions.

If you think you?re not good enough for her, you?ll act like you?re not good enough for her, and then she?ll put you in the category of, ?not good enough for me.?

Often, you?ll find yourself blatantly trying to win the girl over, and in the worst cases, that looks a lot like begging, pleading and desperation.

You have to know your own self worth as a man and know that there are plenty of positive qualities that women love about you.

Fake it until you feel it, if you must.


3. Assuming the worst.

This is something we can do when girls don?t get back to us right away, or we see them post a picture on Facebook, or sometimes we just cook up random fantasies in our heads.

Either way, assuming the worst usually sends you into a panic and causes you to make choices based out of desperation and fear.

And no matter what, when you act out of desperation, women can always tell.

Essentially you need to get out of your own head and accept that women are people with lives. Not everything they do is directly a rejection of you.


4. Feeling you need to get the girl.

Here?s an attitude that will manifest all the problems.

It will suck all the fun out of your interactions. It will make you try and win her over. And it will make you feel desperate.

Essentially, you can?t ever feel like you need to get the girl.

Relationships, long or short term, even flings and hook-ups, should be something that you feel enhances your already great life.

They should not be the thing you need to have in order for you to be happy.

No girl wants to be with a guy who is not happy with himself.

Girls want to feel elevated when they’re around you, not like the ones who have to pick you up.

Be happy and content with yourself, and this whole thing will become much, much easier.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.