The #1 Lie You’ve Been Told About Attraction

The Internet is abounding with information about how to become more attractive in the eyes of the fairer sex.

But today I want to give you a tip that?s going to help you navigate all that information.

Because whether you?re reading mainstream romance articles or perhaps have found yourself reading every e-book under the sun, there?s one thing you have to be aware of.

There is no magic bullet.

What do I mean by that? It means that you can?t just read a book or an article, implement one single tactic and expect to have this whole attraction thing mastered.

Why is feeling like you have the ?magic bullet? such a detriment? Because if you feel like you have an instant cure-all to attraction, you?ll never feel the need to put any real work in, improve or explore or factors of what actually makes you attractive.

Buying into a one-size-fits-all solution will make you complacent and ultimately, you?ll eventually run into a situation where you don?t know what to do, or you?ll get to a level where you don?t know how to keep a girl around.

Attraction is a lot like playing an instrument. You can become proficient at it, but you?re never quite done learning.

This is not to say that the techniques and mindsets you read about are false. On the contraire. It?s jus that they all need to work together.

You can?t just get good at one aspect of attraction.

Becoming attractive is about improving multiple, ?chase? factors;

Your outer appearance.

Your inner confidence.

Your social value.

Your ability to flirt and seduce.

Your sexual proficiency.

These are the things that make you desirable in the eyes of a woman, the factors that make her want to ?chase? you.

And each one of these can be broken down into dozens of subcategories; subjects to dissect and explore.

So don?t think just because you have one nailed down that you have the whole thing mastered. This is a continuous learning process, and you have to strive to keep getting better at all of these.

Essentially, you have to be the complete package, and you have to work at it.

So never stop learning, and don?t buy in to the quick fix method.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.