What Kind Of Guys Do Women Chase?

We are, from an early age, programmed by society to think that it?s a man?s job to win over a woman.

Women are often presented in movies and media as these moving targets who you?re supposed to fix up your hair and buy flowers for in a vein effort to impress.

It? not only old-world sexiest, but it?s also unattractive.

Instead, we?re coming to learn that to get women interested, you have to be desirable. You have to be chased, instead of the one doing all the chasing.

Now, it?s not to say that you should do no chasing. Part of being the kind of confident guy that women want is often having the guts to make the first move, to establish attraction and escalate tension.

If you don?t believe that, think back to the last time you kissed a girl for the first time.

Did she grab you by the collar in the middle of a sentence? Or did she do that thing where she didn?t have much to say anymore, and then looked up at you with doe eyes and a look that said, ?okay, I?m ready when you are? ?

I?m willing to bet it was the ladder. So don?t expect to be completely chased all the time.

Women chasing you just means that, in their mind, you become the guy they want to give the ?I?m ready when you are? look to.

So what are the qualities of that guy?


He?s not ruled by emotion.

Generally this means that you?re not making decisions based on your emotions, and that you?re not a moody, panicky, desperate or needy person.

It?s all the opposite of the confidence and masculinity.


But he?s honest.

?Game? is great. ?Playing games? is bullshit. Women know when you?re doing it, because they?ve seen it a million times from a million cheesy, unworthy guys.

Being a straight shooter, a ?no bullshit? kind of guy, ?goes a long way.

First of all, it shows confidence when you don?t compromise who you are, what you believe in or try to hide your true intentions. You?re comfortable enough to be who you are, and that makes you genuine.

Like designer clothing, genuine is always more sought after than a knock off.

Second, being honest means that you?re the kind of guy who?s not shy to express your interest and attraction in a girl, and that?s something 99% of guys WILL NEVER DO.

It?s the all-powerful first step in building sexual tension.

Lastly (and this is the best part), when you?re honest and yourself, you attract girls who are your type, who dig your personality just as it is. You?ll be more compatible with women and way more comfortable with yourself.


He?s ambitious.

Women think about the future way more than men. While we tend to deal a little bit more in a ?right here, right now? perception of reality, women are planning ahead.

So who you are currently is not nearly as important as the guy you want to be, especially if you?re actively working towards it.

Have a dream, have a passion, and don?t give up on it. You?ll be more desirable and frankly, way happier.


But he?s not a braggart.

Guys who brag are a hair shy away from looking desperate.

?Hey look at me!? sounds a lot like,

?Nobody ever looks at me, so please, please, for the love of god, look at me!?

Whether you?re coming on too strong when?you’re flirting, dressing like a wannabe rap-millionaire or just shooting your mouth off, it?s a recipe for chasing women away.


He grooms and dresses well.

How you dress and present yourself is how the world perceives you.

And there?s a lot of value in looking put together.

We all seek value, it?s a naturally desirable quality. So when it comes to attraction we immediately seek out things that are visually pleasing.

However,?don?t forget the other tenants while putting together a wardrobe.

Be yourself, be ambitious, but don?t brag.


His life is exciting.

Women want to be with a guy who has interesting qualities. They make you unique, and unique is rare, and rare is valuable.

Don?t worry, you don?t need to be a Red Bull BMX rider to have an ?exciting life?.

But you do have to do things.

Get out, have fun, have adventures, break the routine.

When it comes to attraction, boring is amongst the worst things you can be.


He?s funny.

Humor is often synced to social value.

Anyone, from the class clown in your old high school, to the President of the United States, if they can get a room laughing, they own it.

But when it comes to attraction there?s an added, chemical ingredient.

When you smile and when you laugh, endorphins are released in your brain, and you get a rush from them.

So if you can get a girl laughing and smiling, and feeling elevated around you, you?re in business, because that feeling is addicting.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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