5 Signs She Wants To Break Up With You

It can happen to anybody.

Maybe it?s just because of one reason; maybe it?s because of a combination of reasons. It might have been a long term relationship, short term relationship, whatever.

But if you?re reading this article, you might be wondering if there are some glaring signs that she wants to break up with you.

Now, before we get into what those are, what?s more important is that you know what to do if you see one or more of these signs.

The first thing you should do is to launch a preemptive strike.

By that, I don?t mean to go ballistic and start a huge fight or freak out. But you do need to get a hold of your emotions (if only for a brief window) and accept and agree to the break up, or better yet, end things first.

Understand that things are going this way for a reason. It isn?t random. Either you two simply aren?t right for each other, or one or both of you have some things you seriously need to work out if you?ll ever have a chance at a functional relationship.

Ending a truly toxic relationship for good can be one of the best things you?ve ever done for yourself.

But if you just need some space and time, being the one to end things first accomplishes a few things.

First, it makes you look unafraid to walk away (a huge sign of masculinity and a bargaining chip in any deal).

Second, the more you try to pull her back and fight it, the more damage you?ll do. By ending things early, you?re minimizing the negative image she has of you.

And lastly, when you end things on your terms, you give her a sense that things are unfinished, and this generally makes people want to go back and, well, finish things.

So by accepting or initiating the break up, you totally flip the script on her.

Here?s when you might need to do that.

1. She?s distant.

This includes doing everything by herself, not inviting you out or wanting to attend things you invite her out to, whether they might be group events or dates.

2. She’s cold.

Remember all that talking you used to do? About your days, and your dreams and how much you like each other? Yeah, that?s not happening anymore.

3. Her texting is sparse and infrequent.

This is especially true if you can see she?s very active on social media, and thrilled to be chatting with friends, but is otherwise morose towards?you.

4. She finds things to argue about.

This might be because she?s so mad or fed up with you, that she?s just looking for reasons to create conflict and end the relationship.

5. You?re not having sex.

This may be the most glaring sign. If she doesn?t want to have sex with you anymore, then the spark is completely gone for her.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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