What Makes Girls Choose Certain Guys?

Have you noticed how some guys just seem to have effortless rapport with any girl?

Without appearing to do much of anything, they have girls who can?t stop talking to them, texting them or going home with them.

They seem to get girls? attention almost instantly.

It probably drives you a little crazy not knowing how they do it.

Even more maddening is that I can promise you that they have NEVER read one of these articles.

What they?re doing, they?re doing effortlessly. In fact, they don?t even know that they?re doing it.

But whether they realize it or not, the secret to what these?guys do is?release oxytocin in girls? brains.

Oxytocin, is basically, the love chemical. It?s what our brains release that create a strong bond or connection.

It makes us imprint on somebody, so we literally feel a stronger connection with them than we do anybody else.

Have you ever had somebody say about a couple, ?oh, those two have chemistry??

Well, chances are they actually do.

Don?t worry; we don?t have to go back to tenth grade science class here.

These are just really simple, mostly effortless, things you can do to help create better chemistry.

All of which are proven to raise levels of oxytocin.


1. Smile, laugh, have fun.

You hear this one all the time, and it?s really a no brainer. Nobody wants to be around a bummer. Smiles and laughing are infectious, and many studies have shown girls always prefer to be around guys who laugh and smile more.

Basically girls want a guy who lowers or makes them forget about the stress in their lives, not one who adds more to it.


2. Be a challenge.

A lot of oxytocin actually gets released when we overcome obstacles. So if you?re way too available, or don?t seem like a hard get, you also won’t?seem worth it. Girl’s just won’t feel as rewarded, and thus, as connected, when they get you.

Find things to bicker and challenge each other on. This is where sexual tension comes from.


3. Look into her eyes.

Of course, being able to maintain eye contact shows confidence, but other than that, this just one of those things that women find sexy.

This is what girls are talking about when they say, ?bedroom eyes.?

But you can see why it creates the affirmation of a connection. There?s a sort of understanding and instant spark when you look at someone straight on.


4. Give her praise and encouragement.

This one almost goes without saying.

We feel really good when people say nice things about us, and encourage us to do good things.

But this is also why controlling or overly jealous guys will always fail at relationships.

Besides the fact it makes them look dreadfully insecure, they?re a far cry away from the guys who encourage their girls to chase their own dreams and have fun with their friends (see point #1).


5. Give her an orgasm.

Remember when I said ?mostly effortless??

Okay, horrible stand up routine over.

Now, this isn?t so much to get the girl as to keep her around.

Women experience a massive release of oxytocin when they have an orgasm.

So besides the fun and courtesy of being a good lover, giving a girl an orgasm is the thing that lets her know you?re worth keeping around.

Always go 10 for 10 in the bedroom and you?ll be the only guy for her.


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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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