4 Reasons To Vacation Alone

4 Reasons To Vacation Alone

Your vacation time may be quickly approaching. Your crowded schedule may have made it difficult for you to settle the final details on how you will spend it. If you?re still in this planning stage, you should consider doing something unprecedented, something that you may have never thought of doing before: taking your vacation alone.

There are many advantages to traveling with friends or the girlfriend of the moment. If you get on well with the people you?re with, then that makes the place you?re in even more enjoyable. But vacationing with other people is a constant negotiation. Where you go, what you eat, and what you do must always be agreed upon and, in most instances, planned ahead of time.

Being alone gives you complete control over your time and agenda. And just because you go on vacation by yourself, it doesn?t follow that you?ll be on your vacation by yourself. But more of that later? Here are 4 reasons why you should vacation alone this summer.

1. You will avoid the word ?No?

Whether you?ve decided to visit the great cultural capital of Rome or Paris or the beautiful beaches of Jamaica, you will not always get your way if someone is with you. Sometimes they will agree with what you want to do, other times they may oppose you. Going it alone will allow you to avoid the word ?no?. You already spend day after day navigating office politics and ceding your personal desires to the demands of your job. Why bring the same structures of constraint on vacation? You may find vacationing alone quite a liberating experience. You will be free to do what you want when you want.

2. You will dine as it pleases you

Disagreement over food and dining is one of the biggest annoyances of going on vacation with other people. You may want to try the local cuisine. Your friends, not being as adventurous, may opt for the fast food joints that they know and trust. There is also bound to be someone who is on a vegan kick, which will only increase the complication of finding a nice place to eat. Conflict can be avoided by everyone simply getting the takeaway of their choice, but doing that night after night dampens the spirit of the vacation. You want to have at least a few nights of sitting at a table and enjoying the evening atmosphere of wherever you are.

3. You will meet single women, and then?

You?re bound to meet single women when you vacation alone. I have done the latter several times, and each time I met a girl and was able to break her off from her friends?at least for a little while. If you meet someone, you will be able to spend as much time as you want with her. You will have complete freedom to take her back to your room?which she will appreciate since she?s probably sharing hers?and do things together without interference from friends. In fact, it is not implausible that you just might meet your future girlfriend while vacationing alone.

4. You will save money

Although it is widely believed that vacationing with others saves money, there is little proof that this is actually the case. When you vacation alone, you have much more flexibility in the kind of accommodation you choose. You will also save on food and drink. Most of the savings, however, come from you not having to spend money on visiting places that you don?t want to. The fact that you have complete control over your itinerary will help you plan things more carefully and stay perfectly within your budget.

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