5 Signs You Should Back Off A Girl

Most guys see letting a girl go, whether that be from a relationship, fling, hook up or just a number exchange as, somehow, losing.

First off, no matter what you do in life, you are going to lose sometimes. Even pro-athletes, with all the time, dedication and effort they?ve put in to becoming the best in the world at something, lose games.

So you need to accept that you?re not going to get every girl, or at the very least, that it?s not always going to work out. Not accepting that makes you a sociopath, and probably, a chauvinistic weirdo. Not a good look.

What is important is that you learn from every experience and grow as a person.

But hey, I get it. You?re just hard-wired to compete.

The trick is to know when it?s okay to be persistent and when you need to gracefully cease flirtatious contact with a girl.

There is nothing wrong with?being persistent, as long as it?s playful. In some cases, it can be a bit endearing. But NOBODY wants to be seen as a harasser, and we sure as hell don?t want to make women uncomfortable around us.

So how do you make sure that you?re not crossing the line from persistent to annoying? How do you make sure what you?re doing and saying is being seen as flirting and not harassment?

You may never get a straight answer or direct response. Instead, you have to read the signs and know?when to politely back off.


1. Little to no response.

If you find yourself having a one-way conversation, it?s because the girl?s just not that interested in you.

When you send short messages, she doesn?t bother to get back to uou. When you send long messages, you barely get a response.

Remember, a response does?not equal interest.

This is not to be confused with long response times (women have lives fellas, get over it).

Try scrolling through your texts and seriously asking yourself if she?s really as interested as you think.


2. Unresponsive to escalation.

Everything is cool, until you try to sexualize the conversation or ask her out. Then the responses stop.

You really run the risk of coming off as creepy when you press on after not getting a positive response to escalation, so you use some good judgment here.

Oh and never, ever, ever send unsolicited picture of your junk. Ever.


3. Anger.

This is probably the most direct sign that she wants you to back off.

She?s mad at you for seemingly no reason. Maybe the playful bickering has turned into real arguing, or she just generally hates everything that?s coming out of your mouth and isn?t shy to express it. Either way, she hates your guts and you?ve got to cool your jets.

If this were the animal kingdom, she?d be snarling teeth and swatting at you with claws. Take the sign.


4. Avoidance.

This can be subtler than you?d expect, but if she?s purposefully not showing up to places where she knows you?ll be, there?s your sign.

She may also leave social functions quickly when it?s a gathering with mutual friends.

Just remember, people make time for whom they want to make time for.


5. Flirting in front of you.

Is she trying to make you jealous? Maybe.

But chances are what she?s really trying to do is throw up a big, red, glowing neon sign which reads ?BACK OFF?.

She?s trying to show you, as visually as she can, that she?s not interested in you.


Look, if you?re not really getting any of these signs, then stay playful, stay flirty, stay persistent.

But if you think that you?re upsetting a girl, do the right thing and back off, because you can?t win anyway at that point. All you?re doing is digging your tires into the mud.

Do not see moving on as losing. See it?as maintaining your dignity and your reputation.

But most of all see this as an opportunity. There?s a wide world out there full of great girls to meet.


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