How To Keep Your Cool When Texting A Girl

By and large, dates are set up via text these days.

And that?s a very good thing because it allows you to create a low-pressure, casual vibe. But it can also be a very stressful thing when you?re forced to play the waiting game before you get a reply.

The unknown can get a because of anxiety, and anxiety will make you look desperate.

Not appearing needy or desperate is your #1 priority!

Especially through text, it?s so easy to appear over-eager when you bombard her phone with multiple follow up texts, which are probably all emotionally charged and wreaking of desperation.

Here?s how to stay off the anxiety while waiting for a reply.


1. Keep busy.

A rookie mistake is to text a girl and then have absolutely nothing to do with yourself.

Of course you?re going to check your phone a million times, you?ve got nothing to take your mind off of it!

The best way to take your mind off of waiting for a response is to occupy yourself.

Text her in the middle of your workday, or invite her out to a bar where you?re already heading.

What you want?is to send the text and then be distracted enough to forget about it entirely.

The worst thing you can do is to send the text and then wait home alone for a reply.


2. Don?t make assumptions.

If you don?t get a reply, or if it?s taking a long time to get a response, don?t let your mind wander into all the reasons why that might be happening.

You?ll find you?re the most creative person you?ve ever met when it comes to thinking up all the horrible reasons why she?s not getting back to you.

The odds that she died in a freak accident or is currently at some crazy Eyes Wide Shut-style orgy are extremely low.

The more you think about it, the more you worry about it, the more you try to read into everything she?s ever said or text she?s ever sent you, the more you?re going to make yourself panic.

Don?t be your own worst enemy.

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