3 Manly Traits That Make Women Want You

In the past, there has been a general misconception that to be more attractive to women, you had to be some over-groomed, clean cut, over-scented pretty boy.

Thankfully, we know that not to be the case, and today it?s not only acceptable, but desirable by women for you to just be a regular grizzly dude.

Here are 3 uniquely manly traits that women desire from you.


1. Deep voice.

Studies all over the place generally show that men prefer women with a higher voice, while women prefer men with a deeper voice.

You don?t have to pitch your voice all the way back and try to maintain some ridiculously deep voice, but just try to catch yourself if you find your voice is becoming more high pitched as you talk to a girl.

A high-pitched voice is a natural symptom of being too excited or nervous, so naturally a deeper voice portrays calm and confidence.


2. Facial hair.

Ah, but not necessarily a full beard.

The full beard is most attractive to women who are looking for a more serious commitment. Generally, the beard makes men ?perceived as better fathers who could protect and invest in offspring“.

The best look for bachelors is ?heavy stubble? according to a study from Australia. Women almost universally prefer it to either clean-shaven or a full beard.


3. Manly smell.

This goes beyond just putting on?a good cologne, body spray, body wash, deodorant, whatever.

Yes, smelling good, clean, healthy, masculine and unique are all important.

But don?t be so quick as to dismiss some good ol?natural sweat smell.

Most guys will try to mask any form of natural scent, but a study found that women generally preferred the smell of t-shirts that were subtly soaked with testosterone over those that weren?t.

It?s no surprise that women preferred men with more testosterone to those without, but the key is subtly.

You don?t want to be either be overloaded with cologne or wreaking of nasty body odour. Find the balance.


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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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