Tips For Using Tinder Moments

Engage your matches with interesting uploads

You can only type out a message to one match at a time, but posting a Tinder moment is tantamount to sending a message to all your matches at once. When you upload a shirtless selfie or a plate of spaghetti, it will be ignored more often than not; a funny/interesting moment, however, will cause at least a few of your matches to send you a message.

If you’ve been on Tinder a long time, you might have some?matches whose profiles you’ve never really looked at, and then they got buried under more matches. So posting a good moment might bring some of those girls to the forefront if they message you.

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Here are five examples of my moments that have resulted in positive feedback in the form of messages:

1. Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years?

If you’re not familiar, Kevin and Winnie dated throughout most of the series before amicably breaking up in the series finale.

2. Harold from Hey Arnold?

This old school Nickelodeon cartoon was always a fan favorite.

3. Spammers?

Spammers and ads are downsides of free dating sites and apps, so everyone can relate.

4. Frankie Muniz and Hilary Duff

Not sure if they ever actually dated, but they were friends and made some movie and T.V. appearances together. They were also massively popular among millennials.

5. Women constantly promoting their social media accounts

Some women use Tinder to funnel their matches to other social media accounts, where many unwitting men think that if they “like” enough pictures and leave enough comments telling women how beautiful they are, they’ll get laid one day.

Pop culture references — especially from when you were a kid — always work well, and if you can add a little text to increase the entertainment value, you’ll stand out among all the other guys on Tinder.

Remember that men outnumber women on Tinder by about a three-to-one count, so getting good results on Tinder is contingent upon knowing how to generate positive attention for yourself. Moments are an often underutilized tool.

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