5 Ways To Show Confidence

Being confident is the most important component when it comes to attraction.

Women actively seek confident men and will distance themselves from any guy acting overly desperate or needy.

You don?t need a bunch of cheesy pick-up lines or gimmicks. If you?re confident, that?s 90% of your work done. Just about everything else will fall into place. You?ll have a personality to attract, and the courage to escalate sexually.

However, showing confidence can be a difficult thing to do because you usually just know when you see it.

So what are some common behaviors of the confident man?


1. Dress and groom well.

The world?s very first impression of you is how you look. You don?t need to go crazy on designer clothes, and actually in a lot of situations, it pays to not be over-dressed when it comes to looking confident (doing too much is a sign of desperation).

But do have some up-to-date, mature-styled clothing, get your hair cut regularly and trim your beard.

If you look put together on the outside, women will assume your put together on the inside.


2. Be humble.

A common misconception is that being confident means you have to brag or be overly cocky. It?s doesn’t. Nobody likes a braggart, but more over, somebody who is always trying to impress people is perceived as somebody with very low self-esteem.

Always trying to win approval is the definition of a needy guy. It?s the same as desperation.

Being proud is perfectly acceptable and encouraged, having a funny or interesting story is often good, but try to write off some things as?less of a big deal. You?ll find it completely changes how women look at you.


3. Don?t compromise on yourself.

Don?t change your opinion just because you think it?ll make a girl happy, and certainly don?t needlessly apologize every time you think you might have said something to make her not like you.

If you truly over step a boundary and legitimately offend a girl, it takes a real man to apologize. But don?t go saying sorry for every little transgression.

Think about how you view a politician who flip-flops. They don?t seem genuine and you don?t feel like you can really trust anything they?re saying.

Stick to your guns and be authentic.


4. Tease.

Not to be confused with ?negging? or any lame trick.

Teasing is a benign offense. It?s a joke designed for you both to be in on and laugh at with each other.

Bickering is also good. You?ll prove a challenge while raising sexual tension.

People-watching is a great way to do this on completely neutral ground.


5. Let people earn your interest.

This sounds really arrogant, but it?s just to peel you back from being overly eager and needy. You can?t just jump the gun on excitement.

Give people the respect they deserve when they?re talking to you, but don?t feel like you have to completely commit to?every girl you talk to.

Test the waters, actually see if she?s your type, if she?s interesting, if you like her.

It?s a no brainer that you?ll be a much happier person if you flirt, date and sleep with women you really like, but you also won?t come off as guy who will sleep with anybody because nobody wants to sleep with him.


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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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