What You Can Change Right Now To Be More Attractive

Going to the gym, buying new clothes, getting a fresh haircut, learning some seduction techniques and focusing on your ambitions are all well and good, but if you don?t change this one thing, everything else you?re doing will be for not.

Granted, if you?re doing the above, then this one key ingredient might not be an issue, you may even be doing it subconsciously.

However, it might just be the thing that’s escaping you as well, preventing you from really getting with the girls you?re chasing.

Want to know what it is?


Perception is everything. Perception is reality.

We gauge our ability to accomplish something, or how bad we might want something, based on our perception.

From cars, to clothes, to the people who we want around us, if we perceive something to be high value, we desire it.

Now you can make yourself high value by doing all those things I listed above. Care about yourself, take pride in your life and learn how to flirt good.

But like I said, all that won?t necessarily help if you?miss out on changing your own perception.

How you view the women you desire is incredibly important.

You have to demystify them. You have to start seeing them as real flesh and blood human beings, like you, with flaws, insecurities, lives of their own and so on.

You have got to start seeing them as people and not objects.

I know guys that still rate women on a scale of 1 ? 10 when they walk by, but will never muster the courage to actually talk to one of them. To them, that would be like asking a Wall Street banker to take their Ferrari for a test drive. They just see women?as some coveted thing that doesn?t belong to them, which all kinds of wrong.

The problem with this mystification of women is that either does one of two things.

Either it petrifies and intimidates you into never even approaching women, assuming that she?s just far too good for you.

Or it takes all the humanity out of your game, turning you into a complete inauthentic jackass that a woman can see right through.

Either way, your success rate will be about the same.

Instead, start seeing women as somebody just like you. They?re waiting for the right person to walk into their life, and chances are they?ve got no time for losers or phonies.

Stop seeing them as unobtainable and start seeing yourself as worthy.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.