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8 of the Best Juggler Quotes

The founder of Charisma Arts imparts wisdom

Juggler, also known as Wayne Elise, was one of the many “pickup artists” featured in The Game by Neil Strauss. He wasn’t the most popular and didn’t have the flashiest teachings, but his pragmatism is a nice change of pace from the spurious promises made by other dating coaches.

Here are eight of the best pieces of advice from his ebook, Juggler Method:

1. If every one of us took the time to sit at a table and write down what is really important to us in life and in relationships and in sex, then thought up really great ways of packaging these values so they sell, then we would all have something very powerful in our tool boxes.

Everyone has interesting thoughts and emotions, but not everyone knows how to present them
in ways that are interesting to others during conversation.

2. The problem for beginners is that, as they begin to make generalizations, they fall into the mistake of making unproductive and false generalizations. Does that mean they should stop making generalizations and quit looking for patterns? No. Because once they learn the correct generalizations and patterns, their pickup ability will increase manyfold.

Draw conclusions based on large sample sizes of girls approached and time spent in social situations, as opposed to one or two nights out.

3. It should, in theory, be easier if she likes you at first sight. But in my experience, the conversation ratio can be even more pronounced; if she likes you she can get nervous and clam up or say really dumb things from the pressure.

Sometimes girls will act awkwardly or anti-socially around you not because they’re uninterested, but because that’s how their nervousness manifests itself when they’re around guys they like.

4. People are interested in emotion. Sometimes, if something bad happened to me that day, then I will approach a girl with a sad face. She has to know why I am so sad. I tell her and let her cheer me up. Or if I am happy about something, whatever. You can be sooo yourself. See, most guys tighten up and want to hide their true feelings. That is a mistake. You want to do the opposite, loosen up and express.

You don’t have to plaster a smile on your face at all times.

5. Just keep in mind that many girls can lose interest once they know they can have you. Play hard to get appropriately.

When guys complain about being put in the “friend zone”, this quote describes how they dug that hole.

6. Yes, when someone asks a question it is taking the lead, sort of. It is really a false lead though. To really lead you need to take a chance and put yourself out there. Just like I continually tell guys … Make statements not questions. It is too easy just to sit back and ask questions and not expose yourself to risk.

Asking questions is a lazy way to get a girl to respond to you.

7. There are many guys out there who try … showing interest in her interests. You can think of it as an advanced AFC technique. This can work for 8s and below. But 9-10s and girls who have had a lot of experience with guys hitting on them will not respond well to this kind of approach. She has all kinds of guys getting excited over the thimble collection her Aunt Mildred left her. You must get her interested in you. Not the other way around. Your connection to her is made through shared emotional states, not shared interests.

And you can bet she gets asked about the same interests over and over again.

8. Remember, there is nothing AFC about wanting to be in a relationship. Having a great girlfriend is one of the payoffs of getting good at pickup. And falling in love is one of life’s pleasures.

Don’t get caught in an endless cycle of going out and approaching girls at bars.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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