5 Direct Openers You Can Use Right Now

A direct opener is exactly what it sounds like.

It?s a no bullshit, direct line to open up conversation with a girl.

Why they?re so great is because a good direct opener will not only open a conversation for you, but it will also establish attraction, immediately imbuing the conversation with a sexual vibe.

Now there are some stipulations to using these.

As always, confidence is key. You can?t be awkward or uncomfortable

Watch your body language, be calm, be fun, and for the love of god, smile.

Also don?t expect her to do all the work, follow up with an introduction and stoke the flames of the conversation for a bit. Watch her body language. If she isn?t looking for her friends and leaning away, stay in the set.

But most of all be genuine.

What?s great about direct openers is you get to just act on your instincts and believe it or not, you can actually say how you feel.

Sure you?re being consciously funny and charming, but if you really mean it, the rest is easy.


1. You?re (super sexy thing about her) is amazing. Consider me seduced.


2. You just completely threw me off, I had to come talk to you.


3. I?m sold. When do you want to get married?


4. You?re super intimidating, you know that? I think it?s the (super sexy thing about her).


5. I just saw you standing there and had to tell you that you?re incredibly cute.


You also don’t have to use these word for word or have them memorized. These are templates and inspiration for you to know what to say the very next time you get the ping in your stomach and feel the urge to talk to a girl.

Just remember, hesitation is the enemy.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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