The 5 Best First Date Ideas

First dates need to follow a certain set of rules.

You?re trying to create a scenario where it?s easy for her to say ?yes?.

The best way to do that is to create a scenario that?s low pressure. It?s so much easier for someone to commit to something when it?s no big deal.

Most guys think to do the opposite of this. They try to go big and impress the girl.

I was once catching up with a girl I dated in college, and we were sharing stories about some of our worst dating experiences.

She told me about a time when a guy once picked her up in a limo, rented out a patio on a super expensive hotel and then had the whole thing catered with elaborate fruit plates. And she couldn?t have been more turned off and uncomfortable.

Sure, that?s an extreme example, but you get the idea. Less is more when it comes to first dates, so forget about those tropes like a fancy diner or going to the movies.

First dates should be cheap, casual and conversation based.

1. Coffee.

The staple, the classic. Best of all, coffee usually implies a day-date. Which is even more low pressure. Sit in a caf? or go for a walk somewhere scenic.


2. Clothes shopping.

You don?t even have to buy anything most of the time, but if you need something anyway, it?s a great time to invite a girl a out.


3. Drinks.

This is a little higher pressure than coffee, but keep things just as casual. Pick a hip dive bar and avoid anything too upscale or classy.


4. Free art gallery or other event.

Free is the key word here. Don?t try to take her out to some huge concert or other high-priced event. It has to be something casual that you can walk in and out of. Art galleries are especially good because they give you something to talk about.


5. The bar… that you?re already at.

This is perhaps one of the best. If you?re already out having a great time somewhere, invite a girl to come by. You?re usually their with friends as a buffer (she?ll probably invite some too), and it?s a fun environment and scenario. Just make sure it?s not a super loud club if you want it to be a date and not just a hook up.

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