Getting Another Bumble Date (With Screenshots)

You don’t have to wait as long as you think to schedule the first date

Here’s a followup to an article I wrote entitled Getting a Bumble Date.?This one shows how quickly you can schedule the first date as long as your messages are crafted to move the interaction in that direction. It’s also contingent upon the girl you’re messaging being just as willing to meet in person.

If you don’t know, only women can send the first message on Bumble. This match responded well to a part of my bio that says “peanut butter connoisseur.”

After six messages I secured the date.

Online dating suffered from a public relations problem for a long time after several high profile cases of women meeting up with men who turned out to be sexual predators. But now I think women realize it’s safe to meet guys from online, as long as it’s in a public place with other people/witnesses. Messaging back and forth continually doesn’t necessarily help form a connection or alleviate concerns about catfishing or safety.

In fact, research has shown it’s better to meet in person as fast as possible after meeting someone from a dating website or app. The longer two people message back and forth without meeting face to face, the more they tend to make assumptions about each other that turn out to be inaccurate. The more inaccurate assumptions they make, the more likely they are to be disappointed when the other person doesn’t quite meet their expectations.

So don’t be afraid to go for the date sooner rather than later. Just be safe about it.

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About Jordan Murray Jordan is a journalist who has written extensively about dating and lifestyle for multiple publications.

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