5 Lines That You Won’t Believe Actually Work

Lines That Make Women Want You

Society and media?teaches us to play it too cool and to take yourself pretty seriously if you want to be attractive. But, that’s really counter to playful, flirty and establishing attraction.

Establishing attraction is so important in any flirtatious encounter, but the real tragedy is just how easy it can be done.

You don?t need some cheesy pick-up line or a crazy Barney Stinson-esque scheme. You can be honest, simple and funny. You?re only real goal is to get her to genuinely smile at what you juts said, to see you firmly in a romantic context.

Just remember that context, tone, delivery and attitude is everything when it comes to being charming.

One line said in a bumbling, nervous way has a completely different meaning than when you say it with levity, confidence and a warm, playful grin.

In addition to the lines below, here are 3 more lines to use.

1. Where have you been all my life?

So clich? right? Just remember, you?re not crying in the rain outside her window when you say this. You?re standing in a bar or a party and she just wowed you with her awesomeness.


2. I?m the worst.

You can?t be self-deprecating. But you can definitely let her know that you?re the guy her parents might have warned her about. Then you?re officially a challenge.


3. We could never date.

Again, you?re now a challenge, and different than 99% of the guys she talks to. You?re also creating some positive tension and showing that you won?t agree with everything she says just for a shot at her.


4. Are you hitting on me?

Accusing her of hitting on you is a nice way to flip the script and again present yourself as a challenge. This is of course said completely tongue in cheek and by acknowledging the situation, you?re creating a scenario where she can actually be comfortable expressing her sexuality around you.


5. Marry me.

You can?t ever play it too cool and nothing says I?m fun and I?m interested like proposing on the spot. Don?t use this one lightly. Save it for the girls who are totally your type.

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