How To Start A Relationship Off Right

New relationships feel great.

You iris in on a girl who seems perfect and everything seems right with the world.

However, some relationships can be over before they even really get started if you stumble too much early on.

Remember, you?re still in the middle of building something, and with enough wrong moves it could all come crashing down.


1. Clear your roster.

Seriously, it?s time to delete all those contacts in your phone that read something like, ?Sarah ? Bar?. If you?re on dating apps / sites, it?s time to shut the profile(s) down.

Even if you?re keeping those accounts and contacts benign, your new girlfriend discovering them could cause some major trust issues and begin riffs in the relationship.

It?s better to start out with a fresh slate.


2. Lay down the ground rules.

How you act in the beginning of the relationship is going to dictate the pace of everything that follows. So remember to maintain your character.

This isn?t just so you don?t get walked on, it?ll also let your new girlfriend know how the rest of the relationship is going to go.

If you?re a little needy now, most women will know that it?s only a matter of time before you get worse.


3. Don?t get lazy.

A relationship is not the finish line.

I know a lot of guys are interested in learning about attraction simply because they want a girlfriend.

And that?s totally cool, dating around isn?t for everybody.

But just because you have a girlfriend doesn?t mean that it?s time to kick your feet up and relax. You need to keep learning how to seduce her, stay in the gym and keep updating your wardrobe.

No one is saying you can?t become comfortable, that?s inevitable (and good). Just don?t lose the qualities that made her attracted to you in the first place.


4. Keep expectations reasonable.

New relationships, even the most passionate ones, can be fragile. Don?t put too much pressure on them to succeed, especially right away.

The more pressure a girl feels from you, the more she?ll want to pull away.

The rules of attraction still apply. You need to ramp up your relationship?steadily.


5. Maintain your independence.

Again, you have to maintain the reasons why she was attracted to you in the first place.

Such an amateur relationship mistake is to the idea that?you have to spend every waking hour together, going to every party or social gathering together, and generally not giving the other person room to breathe.

This kind of codependent behavior is countdown to destruction.?It?s only a matter of time before you one of you gets sick of the other one and demands their space.

Here’s a pro-tip: Encourage her to have girls’ nights. She’ll love that you give her her space and independence, you’ll love the night off for some relaxing or hanging with the guys, and her friends will think you’re literally the greatest human ever to walk the Earth. ?More than likely she’ll be ending the night early so she can get home to you.

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