3 Ways To Attack Your Low Self-Esteem

Being struck by a bad case of low self-esteem will not only effect your performance in the world of dating and seduction, but more than likely all other aspects of your life.

It can be a vicious circle. If you feel bad about your life, then women aren?t attracted to you, and then you feel worse about your life.

We all have moments where we just wish the world would give us sympathy. That the right girl will come along and pull us out of the hole we?re in. But it?s not going to happen.

First of all, relying on a girl to pull you out of a bad spot establishes a relationship on you being an?emotional vampire, which is totally toxic. Second, women aren?t attracted to guys who feel sorry for themselves. Period.

So how do you pull yourself out of a self-esteem rut?



Achieving or accomplishing something is the quickest way to make yourself feel confident again.

Focus on improving your career, finishing that project you?ve been meaning to get around to, or checking something off your life?s bucket list are a great way to feel a sense of achievement

In terms of your day-to-day, working out and making some time for constructive hobbies will absolutely do the trick.


Fake it until you feel it.

When you?re feeling low, the last thing you want to hear is, ?just have a positive mental attitude.?

It?s annoying. But, you?ve got make an effort to be happy, especially when you?re out in public. It?s lame, but utterly true, that smiling is infectious and has a sort of conditioned response. If you?re smiling, you?ll trick your brain into thinking you?re actually happy.

Some more fun ways to ?trick yourself? is to update your wardrobe and improve your grooming, again conditioning yourself to ?look good, feel good?.

One last way, and this is the best, is to travel. And I don?t just mean to take a vacation, go see something new and have an experience.

You might be reluctant of the idea, but getting away from your problems and experiencing something that is both new and bigger than yourself can almost force a self-revelation.



This is a quick technique you can use when you start plaguing your mind with hurtful or doubtful thoughts.

Try to pick apart the logic of what you?re telling yourself. Disprove your own negative emotions.

If you have a thought like, ?I?ll never be good enough?, try to criticize the logic of that statement.

The real truth is that you?re only a loser if you give up. But it?s also true your emotional brain controls self-doubt.

So by just using logic to try to?pick apart and poke holes in your own irrational thoughts, you?ll be laying waste to your shitty self-perception, while also firing up your logical-brain and giving back control to a side of you that?s not plagued by emotional swings.

The reason you need to do this instead of just, ?thinking positive?, is you need to address your negative thoughts head on, otherwise there still might be a side of you that believes they?re true.

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