Expensive Habits That Are Ruining Your Game

Attraction really is simpler than you might make it.

Yes, we can dissect and talk about a million different aspects of it in a million different ways, but at the end of the day, women are most attracted to you when you?re in the zone, feel comfortable in your own skin, and are for all intensive purposes, just being your relaxed self.

Which is why it?s so frustrating to see guys shelling out their hard-earned dollars, in a vein and vague attempt to increase their odds of getting laid.

It?s important to note that most women are unimpressed by bullshit. They?re wise to games, gimmicks, dishonesty, false personalities, self-inflated egos and so on.

And for as much as rap videos in the mid-2000s tried to convince us otherwise, women don?t give a shit about your material things.

What they do want is a fun, masculine, sexually charged guy, with a great personality.

Here are some examples of what you might be wasting you?re money on, ?trying to come off as more attractive.


1. Designer clothes.

Women aren?t impressed by ?who you?re wearing?.

They care about how the clothes look on you, not how you look in certain?clothes.

Giant logos also make you look like you?re in high school / a wannabe club-rat. You automatically look like you?re trying too hard, and that?s the same as acting desperate.

A well fitting $7 shirt from H&M will do a better job than the $80 Gucci one every single time.


2. Expensive jewelry.

Jewelry isn?t really masculine in most cases. A good-looking watch is really all about you?ll ever need, so take it easy on the giant chains and rings and so on.

And by ?take it easy? I mean, don?t do it. You look silly, like you live in your mom’s basement with dreams of being the next Justin Bieber.


3. Expensive cologne.

Okay, the problem isn?t expensive cologne itself. Your days of crappy body-spray are?over, buy the good stuff.

However, taking a bath in cologne literally reeks of desperation and turns women off in a big bad way. Use it sparingly. She should only be able to smell you when she gets close enough.


4. Over-the-top grooming.

Special body washes? Going tanning? Manicures?

Yeah, you might as well literally light your money on fire, because all you?re doing is making yourself look less masculine.

Standard body wash is fine. You don?t ever need to go tanning. And while having clean nails is something women look for, it?s really not a deal-breaker if they?re not perfect / a little rough.

Embrace being a man in all your rough, tough, hairy glory and avoid anything that tries to soften you up.


5. Buying drinks.

Never as an opener. Ever. Ever. EVER.

Women either think you?re A) a sucker or B) a chauvinist asshole for thinking you can buy her time.

Buying a girl a drink as an opener is a perfect way of saying ?I have nothing interesting to say.?

When can you buy her drink? A) you spill her’s by accident or B) you?ve been flirting for a while and you?re getting a new drink?anyway.


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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.