3 Crucial Make Out Mistakes

Ah the make out. The handshake before the business deal of sex.

Everybody knows that rush from the first first make out. It’s exciting, it’s exploratory, it escalates.

That escalates part is really important. Just because you’re making out doesn’t mean your job of seduction is over (actually it should never be over from the moment you meet a girl you’re interested, even and especially when you start dating).

Making out being the “handshake” before sex is actually really accurate, and there a few key mistakes you could be making that might have her reconsidering her decision, or at the very least, making you a forgettable non-callback.

1. ?Doing too much.

Cool your jets there, middle-school kid at his first boy-girl party.

Save the heavy stuff for… well, the heavy stuff. Remember, this is about escalation, so take it slow and don’t be all hands, groping and squeezing everything you can.

When you get over excited her line of thinking is, “Wow, he must not do this a lot. I wonder why nobody wants to do this with him? What’s wrong with him?” and so on.

Keep playing hard to get. Seriously. You want her to be the one biting your lip and pulling you in by the collar.

2. Doing too little.

Instead of doing all that groping and squeezing, you can accomplish a lot more with just gentle hand on her hips, stomach or one the side her face.

There’s also something very primal that’s triggered when you brush her hair our of the way. Grooming each other, it goes back to cave-man days.

3. Not kissing her neck.

In?interview,?William Cane, the author of “The Art of Kissing”,?says that a woman’s?favorite spot to be kissed, other than the mouth, is on her?neck. ?A whopping 96% of women said they were hugely turned on when being kissed on their neck.

Go figure as to why. But you can’t argue with the facts.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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