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Why It’s OK To Be A Hopeless Romantic

A lot of guys just aren?t built for a super-promiscuous lifestyle.

Mostly, they?re looking for that one great girl to settle down with, and that?s really okay.

Why we?re taught it?s not okay is because generally speaking, hopeless romantics are painted as emotional saps who don?t really get the girl.

But that?s not case. Just because you?re a hopeless romantic doesn?t mean you can?t play the attraction game like everyone else, and in fact, it can really work to your advantage.


1. You can own it.

Consistency is really important, so as long as your persona keeps you emotionally stable, you won?t be so easily shaken when you’re put to the test.

It also lets girls know that you?re the kind of guy who knows what he wants and who is certain of himself. ?The hopeless romantic ain?t got no time for scrubs, and women consider that a rare find in a guy.


2. You?re being honest.

Another rare quality that women seek out is honesty. A false persona crumbles so easily because not only is it difficult to maintain, but women will generally be able to see right through it by noticing your inconsistencies.

By doing what comes most natural and showing your true colors, you open yourself up to all the women in the world who are tired of guys bullshitting them all the time (and there are many).

There?s a difference between being emotional and being honest and direct.


3. You can still be fun.

Being a hopeless romantic isn?t about writing poems in your own tears or holding up a boom box outside of her window.

You can still be exactly as fun as your player counterpart in just about any setting. You don?t have to stop flirting with lots of girls or shut down your Tinder account. Just because you don?t have time for games, doesn?t mean you don?t like fun.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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