3 new dating apps worth checking out

Done with Tinder? Maybe check out one of these

These days it seems as if a new dating app is released every day. Since you’re probably too busy to keep up, here are some of the more recent dating apps that have been released that you might want to check out:

1. InYourLeague

“InYourLeague is a new part-game, part-dating app that tells you if you?re hot or not and connects you with those in your league,” according to Highsnobiety. “When you sign up, you play the game by favoring one player over another, and by doing so you help build the app?s database. At the same time, other players are doing the same for you. Once you get your rank, you can see where you stand and connect with others in your own league.”

Tinder, and many of the first dating apps that started popping up, kept other users’ opinions of you confidential. But now some of the newer apps have a lot more transparency in terms of allowing users to see how they are judged by other users. If you want to get into using these types of apps, don’t underestimate the effects they could have on your self-esteem.

2. Once

“This new dating app, known as Once, has debuted in the U.K. [and] has real human matchmakers (not computer algorithms) who can help its users locate their perfect dates,” according to Tech Times. “The app will provide its users one date every single day. Users will then be provided with the option either to accept or decline their dates.”

Along with Happn, an app that matches you with people you’ve crossed paths with in real life, this branch of dating app seeks to put the human touch back in online dating. Once pairs you with only one match per day in an apparent effort to curtail the paradox-of-choice side effects of online dating.

3. Ishqr

Here’s an app that serves a very specific niche: hipster muslims.

“Ishq is an Arabic word for love, and the ‘r’ was added at the end, [app creator Humaira] Mubeen says, to make it sound more hip,” according to NPR. “More than 6,000 people have signed up on the Ishqr website since it went up just over a year ago. The app went live on iTunes in October.”

“I became part of this community called Mipsters. It was a bunch of proud Muslim Americans coming together talking about a lot of issues,” Mubeen said, according to NPR. “One of the topics of discussion was always trying to get married.

“A year into being part of [the Mipster] community, I jokingly said, ‘Why don’t I make a website to connect all of you, because you all seem really cool?'”

OkCupid released a blog post a while back that showed religion can be a make or break factor for many online daters, with Muslim men and women getting the short end of the stick compared to users of other religions. So, if you’re in a niche group based on your religion, or any other factor, it’s worth checking out apps that stack the deck in your favor.

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