How To Get The Bad Girl

How To Get The Bad Girl

She may not have had you at hello. In fact, she may have yet to say one civilized word to you. But you cannot help yourself: you keep going back to her, and in an almost puppy dog way, beg for her attention and affections. You have met a bad girl?the kind of woman who can disorient even the most collected of men.

Bad girls don?t play by the same unspoken rules that most other girls do. They are sexy, wild, outrageously flirtatious, and irrepressibly cunning. They don?t have time for the proprieties of playing-hard-to-get. They are untamable sirens who ooze sex appeal and cause men to lose control and all sense of reserve when they?re in a room.

You probably feel off your game when around your bad girl. That isn?t incidental. You can?t play a bad girl. You can only play along with her. She has taken her heart off her sleeve and hardened it. You will never get through to it, or through to her, with your usual moves. If you are not a bad boy, then you are at a disadvantage when trying to get a bad girl. But how do you?as a well-kept, good looking, but not especially wild guy?hook up with a bad girl?

The first thing to understand is that bad girls use sex appeal as a weapon. The physical attributes of your bad girl may not be all that remarkable. But they don?t have to be. You?re drawn to her because of the promise of hot sex. She may have a large ass, but she throws it around in a way that makes you think she knows how to move it in bed; wearing mini-skirts, tight jeans, and clingy dresses that suggest there is something below that swinging ass worth tasting. She may not have a particularly beautiful face. But her hair and make-up are always flawless, and make her stand out from more conventional beauties.

If you want to get her, then you must respond to these signals. Bad girls love to tease, and they love to be looked at. You, however, must go further than mere looking. Even if you are a nice guy, you must use bad boy tactics to get her attention. First, find subtle ways to let her know that you appreciate the parts of her body that she enjoys flaunting most. Then, gear up to send out your own signals?the ones that will tell her you are comfortable with your body and with sex. In your casual dress, wear something that accentuates arms, ass, shoulders, and chest. Flirt with her, and make it obvious that you are doing so. Push conversations to the edge. Don?t be afraid to bring up and discuss sex.

Confidence is also important. She has lots of charisma. That?s one of the things you find most attractive about her. If you are not exactly shy but tend to be reserved, you will bore her. You must find ways to present yourself as a man who is self-assured. If that is not your usual style, you have to fake it until you make it?it is the only way you will bed a bad girl.

Finally, there is lifestyle. You will never get your bad girl if you follow her around like a puppy dog. You have to show that your life is every bit as interesting as hers. To get her attention you must be willing to ignore her. If you regularly see your bad girl in a bar, club, or caf?, you should go there as often as you can with friends. Show her that you have a life, and it is a dazzling one. Flirt with other girls aside from her. And be willing to walk away if she offers you a chance for a fling. Bad girls like to dangle and pull away their bait. If you pull away from her, it will make her even more eager to reel you in. When you finally do snatch the bait, it will be tastier then you could have imagined.

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