How hot is your name?

The Grade publishes list of the most popular names based on right swipes

The dating app The Grade released a list of how attractive users’ names are based on the app’s data. It didn’t specify a country or region that it used as the basis for this study, so presumably it accounts for all the app’s users, wherever they may be.

The top 10 men’s names:

1. Brett
2. Tyler
3. Corey
4. Andy
5. Noah
6. Shane
7. Jeffrey
8. Rob
9. Frank
10. Jeff

Only one of these names (Noah) appears on Social Security’s list of the top 10 baby names for boys in 2014. I thought there might be a correlation, but apparently female users of The Grade base their name preferences on other factors.

Top 10 women’s names:

1. Brianna
2. Erika
3. Lexi
4. Brooke
5. Vanessa
6. April
7. Natalie
8. Jenna
9. Molly
10. Katie

None of these names were among the top 10 popular female names for baby girls.

The post also included the percentage of men and women who swiped right for each name. All users named Brett, the number one name for men, received 24 percent of right swipes from female users. By contrast, all users named Tiffany, the 87th and final female name that was ranked, received 28 percent of right swipes from men. Brianna, the most popular female name, received 70 percent of right swipes from men.

So these stats really illustrate the disparity between the attention a male profile will get on a dating app versus a female profile.

About nine months ago, Happn did its own study to determine the most popular male and female names among Happn users in London.

Top 10 men’s names:

1. James
2. Richard
3. Tom
4. Will
5. Sam
6. Ben
7. Alex
8. David
9. Adam
10. Chris

No repeats from The Grade’s top 10.

Top 10 women’s names:

1. Sarah
2. Sophie
3. Laura
4. Charlotte
5. Jessica
6. Emma
7. Emily
8. Katie
9. Lucy
10. Anna

Katie made both top 10s.

It’s interesting that out of the 39 different names above, 11 are one-syllable and 20 are two-syllable. The remaining eight are three-syllable. That makes this short sample size of names consistent with past research that has shown shorter names do better than longer names in online dating.

“Using data from what [dating app Badoo] says is its 190 million users around the globe, results showed that both men and women with shorter first names were more attractive to the opposite sex than those with lengthier names,” according to a Huffington Post article. “Women named Jennifer, Catherine and Amanda, for example, were much more successful at online dating as Jenny, Cathy, and Mandy in both the US and UK, while women preferred Mike, Chris and Andy over Michael, Christopher and Andrew, the researchers said.”

So maybe consider using a shorter version of your name for online dating purposes if you can.

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