5 best dating profile writing tips from around the internet

Follow this advice if you struggle writing a good profile

Too many guys write lazy bios, probably because they underestimate the affect a quality bio can have on their response rates. If you’re never sure what to write and/or currently have a sentence fragment for a bio, use some of these tips to engage more of your matches:

1. “Don’t be too vague or use too many cliched phrases”

Everyone likes ?having fun? and would list their musical tastes as ?eclectic.? You?re certainly not the only person who ?can?t live without oxygen, friends, and family.?

– Via eHarmony

Phrases to avoid include I love to laugh, I like having a good time, I like all kinds of music, etc., etc. When you try to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no one.

2. Your profile shouldn’t be a list

?Put yourself into a potential date’s shoes on this one. If you saw a list like this on a cute girl?s profile, how would you possibly respond? ?I also like surfing. What?s your favorite thing about surfing?? Blech?that conversation is a total wipeout.”

– Via Men’s Fitness

Another problem with just listing your interests in your bio is that so many other guys are doing that in their bios. And since the average girl on Tinder has a lot more matches than you do, you’ll have a hard time differentiating yourself from all the other standard, boring bios.

3. Don’t mention religion

“God” is poorly rated all around [among online daters], so uphold the separation of church and state

– Via Wired

Although, if religion is a make-or-break factor when you assess a potential girlfriend, you might as well include something about your religion in your bio. The girls you drive away wouldn’t have been good matches anyway.

4. Don’t hide your divorce

The rate of message responses jumps by 52 percent at the mention of divorce or separation. So go ahead and be honest about those kinds of things.

– Via GQ

If this stat applies to you and you think it isn’t true, there’s still no point hiding something that would be a deal-breaker down the road anyway.

5. Finally, I’ll also add that you should avoid putting a negative spin on the types of qualities you want your matches to have

Guys and girls are both guilty of thinly-veiled complaining about their exes in the form of writing I don’t want someone with x, y and z qualities. Talk more about what you do want.


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