Check out what these guys did to get more Tinder matches

Getting creative with your photos can translate into awesome results

The key to online dating is differentiating your profile from the countless other profiles women click through. This maxim holds especially true with Tinder and other dating apps, where knee-jerk decision making prevails.

Here’s what three guys did to captivate their female audiences in ways that generated a lot of matches:

1. The guy who racked up over 1,000 matches with his Christmas suits (via AskMen)

A guy named James used a bunch of pictures of himself in colorful, flamboyant Christmas-themed suits on his Tinder profile, according to AskMen. The result: 1,301 matches in a week. It was the perfect combination of eye-catching visuals suited to the time of the year.

2.The guy who made his profile into a PowerPoint presentation (via College Candy)

According to the article:

A 24-year-old guy named Chris from the University of Cincinnati wasn?t going to let Tinder?s limitations stop him from letting all the ladies know why they should date him. With a little thinking outside the box and probably a lot of alcohol, the guy literally created an old-school PowerPoint presentation entitled ‘Why You Should Go On A Date With Me.’ And you thought what you learned in school would never have real world applications?

3. The guy who turned himself into the “Match of the Day” (via AdWeek)

Blake Jamieson, a marketer, took a marketing approach when he made it seem as if Tinder bestowed him the honor of being “Match of the Day.” After he uploaded a series of what appeared to be Tinder-endorsed photos, his matches increased exponentially.

“After I updated the images, the volume of matches per day increased significantly,” Jamieson wrote on the blogging site Medium. The percentage of in-bound messages stayed relatively flat, but more matches meant more messages. The subject matter of the inbound messages changed. People started mentioning the ?match of the day? in their messages to me.”

So by expanding the parameters of what you can do with your profile, you can come up with something that potential matches have never seen before.


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