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Never use this online dating opener


Don’t use an opener if your matches can use Google to trace it to a PUA site

don't send this online dating opener

Another Real Social Dynamics instructor has been making waves on the internet lately, although he’s not quite as bad as the most hated man in the world.

“RSD Max” has been outed for using, and teaching other men to use, this opener:

Hey, I know this is kinda weird and pushy haha, but would you like to have sex with me? I’m not a creep or a pervert, just a genuine guy. I would treat you with respect and the sex would be good. I can even make you squirt if the connection is right haha. I will not judge you or think you’re “easy”. So yeah, excuse me if I come across as a little uncalibrated but I think you’re attractive, so what do you think? 🙂 Haha

I’m not opposed to copying and pasting openers, but if one of your matches were to type a couple sentences of this opener into Google, the first and third results are:

  • The Apocalypse Opener (Tinder Edition) – Pua Opener (from
  • Tinder Experiment: RSD Max’s Apocalypse Opener (from

The second result, in case you’re wondering, is:

  • Guys Are Using This Cringe-Worthy Tinder Message From A Pickup Artist (from

Some of the recent reaction from the Twitterverse:

So be careful where you get your dating advice from.

About Luke Harold

Luke Harold is a journalist who has written for publications including the Philadelphia Inquirer and Orange County Register.

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