3 reasons to delete your dating apps


Or at least lay off using them for a little while

stop using dating apps

Dating apps and other online dating venues can help bolster your dating life, but there’s a risk of becoming too dependent on them. You don’t want your face-to-face communication abilities eroding while you’re spending all that time swiping left and right.

Here are three reasons why it might be good to take a break from your phone and/or computer screen:

1. More time to meet people in real life

Too many guys (and girls) use online dating as the foundation of their dating lives, when ideally it should balance out with ways you meet people in real life.

According to this article in Bustle:

Remember when I said I used to think of dating apps as a supplement to real dating (whatever that is)? I’m rarely meeting people offline. In the past year, I’ve gone on seven dates, six of which have been via dating apps. I don’t even know where this one falls, so we’ll call it a bonus one.

2. Possibly raise your self-esteem

It’s easy to fall into the trap of tying your perceived attractiveness to the reactions you get from your online dating experiences. The same can be said of meeting people in person, but it’s an even slipperier slope with online due to the massive volume of people you come in contact with.

According to this article in thought catalog:

As time moves along you become a healthy member of society. You feel superior as you sense the online daters floating in a pool of sad one-night stands and texts of hurt feelings. You live life like humanity did for 200,000 years before internet dating, like they were up until about 10 years ago. As well, if you’re a man – because online dating is nothing if not a machine perpetuating gender stereotypes – you have more money. Not a ton, of course, you never splurged. But some.

3. Prevents you from falling into a possible false sense of security

It’s generally easier to get a date online than in real life; just because you get girls regularly online doesn’t mean those skills will translate to real life interactions.

According to this New York Post article:

Some women in the Vanity Fair piece bemoaned that Tinder has destroyed guys’ game. But what it’s actually done is given guys the chance to enhance their game — at least in their own minds. In the article, friends of one young man applaud his deft “text game” (i.e., his ability to lure young women into bed on the basis of a few text exchanges, all while letting them know upfront that he is not interested in pursuing a relationship).

About Luke Harold

Luke Harold is a journalist who has written for publications including the Philadelphia Inquirer and Orange County Register.

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