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4 Signs You Can Trust Her

4 Signs You Can Trust Her

In today?s hook-up culture, freedom, liberality, and enjoying the moment are the ideas to live by. You and your current crush may share this outlook. However, there is no controlling the human heart; and the intensity of your feeling may have gone beyond what you originally intended. Perhaps you?re beginning to think she?s the ever-elusive ?one? you?ve heard so much about. If that is the case, there is still the practical matter of transitioning from dating to a serious and settled relationship.

Whirlwind romances that end with a couple forever committed to each other are best left to novels and films. In reality, love and other feelings of strong affection must be coupled with practical measures to protect yourself against heartbreak and ruin.

Knowing that you can trust her is the first and most crucial step towards making her your partner. Here are 4 signs that can help you determine whether you can:

1. You have met her friends

A girl with no friends is suspect, as is a girl with too many friends. In the former instance, you could be dealing with a sociopath?a woman unable to develop deep emotional ties with anyone, nor capable of establishing a lasting relationship. In the latter case, you may be dealing with a woman who is clingy, insecure, and in constant need of attention. If your girl has a set of close friends, meeting them is a sign that she is ready to accept you more fully into her life. She wants you to know the people she cares most about and wants them to know you. Meeting her family will come only after the two of you are an official item.

2. She is easy to reach

You have your life and she has hers. You should not expect her to be instantly at your call. However, it should not take her days to respond to a phone call or text message. Sudden and secret trips out of town are also signs that things are not as they should be. A woman you can trust will have no trouble making her movements transparent. And if she occasionally takes a long time to respond to your call she will be able to give you a perfectly reasonable explanation each time.

3. She keeps your confidences

One of the surest tests of her loyalty is to tell her something private about yourself and see how well she holds it. A woman who throws it in your face when the two of you argue or makes references to it when she is drunk and in the company of friends cannot be trusted. The woman you share your life with must also be a confidant. You must be able to share with her your deepest secrets and intimacies.

4. She has normal relations with exes

Bad break-ups are part of the baggage we all carry. Your girl is no different. She is better off leaving some of her former lovers completely alone. But you should be wary if she harbors anger and bitterness towards all of them. She should have something good to say about at least a few of her past boyfriends. In fact, it?s a good sign if she still considers one or two of them friends; for that is an indication that she is a well-adjusted woman. A girl with poisonous relationships with all of her exes is not someone you can count on, because in all likelihood you?ll be the next man she?ll be bad-mouthing.

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