Does Pre-Selection Work?

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The Big Myth of “Pre-Selection” in Dating


By: Bobby Rio

Does Pre-Selection Make Girls Want You?

Do you remember Myspace?

I sure do.

Every weekend I would line up three or four girls to meet up.

Normally, one or two would show up.

And I?d almost always bring one home.

I loved it.

So did all my friends.

I still get very nostalgic for the “wild west” Myspace days…

Although from what Rob Judge says, Tinder is like that now. Even better in some ways. (when you use it right- more on this in an upcoming email)


Back to my point.

So, one of the things my friends and I used to do back in the day was create ?fake profiles? of hot chicks.

And then we would use them to comment on our own profiles.

These ?fake chicks? would write things like:

?Had so much fun hanging out last night.?

?Can?t believe I stayed so late, work was brutal today?

?I hate you for keeping me out so late.?

Stuff like that.

The point was, it gave us ?pre-selection? in the eyes of all the real?girls viewing our profile.

Was it a completely lame thing to do?


Did it work?

Sort of.

Now, I don?t want to sound cocky, but for me, yes it worked.

Because at this point, my game was already pretty good.

So when I actually hung out with girls I could easily live up to the?expectation my ?beefed up? profile created.

But, some of my other friends?

Not so much.

Let me explain?

There is a myth that “pre-selection” is about a girl seeing you with a?hot girl, and suddenly she?ll want you.


At best, when a girl sees you with a hot girl she suddenly pays slightly?more attention to you.

And THIS is where the real game is won or lost.

See, when a girl is paying attention to you, she starts looking for the?REAL CLUES.

Things like?

How comfortable are you holding eye contact.

Body language cues.

How confidently do you lead a conversation, flirt, and escalate.

Do you come off ?natural? or ?forced.?

These are the real clues that tell a girl whether or not you normally date?and sleep with attractive girls.

Now, if you get THESE right?

Then yes, you can be a complete inexperienced virgin and a woman will?assume you have a sex laden history of hookups.

And give you the benefit of the doubt and will be more likely to become?attracted to you.

Pre-selection is NOT about gimmicks.

Gimmicks like ?fake profile comments? can get you slightly more?attention from girls.

But to capitalize on it, every fiber of your being must say to the woman?that ?I?m used to dating and sleeping with girls like you.?

This is something that my friend Josh instinctively understood.

And in this video he provides three pre-selection tips that actually work.

Each of the tips are ?subtle?? and that is part of their?effectiveness.

In the old days of tactics from The Mystery Method, a lot of guys (myself?included) used to think pre-selection was about telling wild stories about?dating super models.

That comes off as ?try hard?.

Because the truth is, a man who actually bangs super models doesn?t feel?the need to brag about it to women.

The women simply pick up on it by the subtle cues he?s sending out to?them.

Can you fake them ?cues.?

Yes, and that?s what Josh?s video is all about

The next question is ?is it wrong or immoral to fake being?pre-selected??

I don?t think so. Not the type of techniques that Josh teaches.

In my eyes, it is no different than a woman wearing makeup.

(my old ?fake profile? commenting was borderline and I wouldn’t?recommend it 🙂

Here are 3 ?pre-selection? tips that work.

Make it happen!


P.S. ?Here is a video that Rob and I recorded awhile back with our take on pre-selection:

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