Is She Too Young For You?

It is a commonplace that men prefer women who are younger than them. The belief that women age faster than men, in their appearance, cannot hold when both sexes are in their twenties. Nevertheless, men of that age do still go for girls slightly younger than them. I suspect this owes to an impulse to shape and mold a girl who is still relatively malleable in mind and spirit.

But how young is too young?

You have been out of college for years. You are well-established in your career and in your life. Is your current tween squeeze an attempt to re-live that part of your life or is there really something between you? And if there is, can it last?

A smart, good-looking, upwardly mobile man needs no excuse or justification for dating a much younger woman. You may like the feeling of fresh, smooth, recently de-flowered flesh underneath you. Fit, healthy, well brought up tweens give off a sort of virginal scent that can be intoxicating. Their bodies have not yet been polluted by years of drink, smoke, and other intoxicants, so they appear, feel, and taste like innocence itself?even if they long ago lost their cherry.

Your tween may look up to you. She may be more willing to follow your lead and desires on everything from where the two of you should party to the kinds of clothes she ought to wear. Keeping company with her friends is not entirely pleasant to you. Flirting and frolicking with the cuties in her coterie is yet another advantage of going out with someone your girl?s age.

But the newness and excitement of it all does not come without disadvantages. Partying and fucking can only take you so far. What I mean to say is that as a man of business and of the world there will be times when you need the woman you?re dating to hold her own.

You do not need to be reminded of the importance of establishing both a recognized standard of performance with the people you work with and personal relationships with them. Much of the strict formality that used to dominate corporate life is gone. But in many instances it remains the case that your partner can be a tremendous asset in helping you advance. Being with a woman who can help you organize?or indeed take the lead in doing so?dinners, cocktails, and other social gatherings becomes more essential as you ascend the corporate ladder. Your tween may possess all that satisfies your carnal cravings. However, she may be too young and immature to take life so seriously.

In answering the first question posed in this article, you should also think on whether her youth is so great (though still not criminal) that you put yourself in the position of looking pathetic. The common response to such an objection is ?I don?t care.? The issue should not be so easily dismissed, however. You should seriously consider whether you are dating a tween because none of the smart, successful, confident women closer to your age will have you. If that is the case, then your driving impulse is not living out the fantasy of plowing young pussy; it is giving into the low-grade emotion of desperation.

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