The Consequences Of Sleeping With Her Best Friend

It began as a harmless flirtation. The thing the two of you had in common from the onset is your girlfriend?that is, your respective close relationships to her. She felt comfortable around you. When the three of you were together, it was all smiles, laughs, and banter. Eventually, the two of you were familiar enough to hang out on your own?without your girlfriend.

At the club, the booze flowed, the music pumped, and she grinded her lithe abs and her tight, perfectly cleft ass against you. Then there was the conversation?at your place or hers. Talk about life led to talk about relationships, and talk about relationships led to talk about sex. The drink continued to flow. And before you knew it your dick was in her mouth, and your tongue buried inside her pussy. You fucked?all night and into the morning. It was good. It was extraordinary. The intensity of the thing was such that neither one of you could honestly say you regretted it. You slept with your girlfriend?s best friend. Now what?

The first thing to understand is that there will be consequences. Only the most clinically ill socio-path could go on as if nothing happened. You know you?re not a socio-path person, and you?re pretty sure your girl’s best friend is not one.

The first post-coital consequence will involve the direction of her feelings toward you. She will either want to take you offer her friend or she will see the night as just a good fuck?a minor indiscretion that no one else needs to know about. If she goes for the former, her most likely course of action will be to get you to break up with your girl. She will insist on seeing you with your girlfriend and on your own. But she will do nothing to make herself out as the instigator of the break-up.

If she isn’t interested in taking things further with you, then she’ll keep some distance for a while. She will want to spend more time with your girl and less time with you?the aim being to slowly repair the former and quickly diminish the sexual part of the latter relationship.

The second consequence concerns your girlfriend. Unless she is a complete idiot, she will know something?s up. Women tend to have a sense about these things. One of my former girlfriends was an air hostess. One year, she was called out on a flight over the latter half of the Christmas holidays, and I spent a few days alone with her hot little roommate. We didn?t do anything, but the sexual tension that had developed between us while she was gone was enough to set off alarm bells in her head.

The bottom line is that your girl will know that something is not quite right. If you want to stay with her, you have no choice but to lie. There is no telling the truth and begging forgiveness in this situation. For a woman, there is no worse betrayal than that of my-boyfriend-slept-with-my-best friend.

Living with the lie that you will be forced to tell is a third consequence. But before you even consider doing this you must first be honest with yourself. You must be sure that the urges that pushed you into bed with your girlfriend?s best friend did not spring from a deeper attraction. If you can satisfy yourself that it was only lust that drove you to it, then you should say and do what is needed to restore your girlfriend?s trust.

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About Christopher Reid Chris was born in Washington, D.C. and lives in Britain. He works as a blogger, essayist, and novelist. His first book, Tea with Maureen, has just been published.

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