3 things to know about a new airport dating app

Travel a lot and get bored in the terminal?

A new app called Btrfly is targeted to travelers waiting around the terminal for their flight. Here are a few things to know:

1. You can log in with your flight details

According to this article in Mirror:

Airport terminals can be pretty boring places sometimes.

That could be about to change with a new app , called Btrfly, that ‘offers air travelers the opportunity to connect in real life with like-minded people’.

Users log in to the app using their flight details or airport, and are then shown a list of other users who are in the same airport or even on the same flight.

While the app claims to be aimed a business people or people want to make friends, it could lead to more romantic meet-ups and become more of a dating app.

2. ‘We’re all wasting time at airports’

According to this article in Daily Mail:

Speaking to The Independent, Cenk Gurz, CEO of Btrfly, said: ‘As a frequent traveler, I have met all kinds of people at airports, and even come across a few great opportunities with interesting strangers.

‘Btrfly aims to provide travelers with a tool that takes the awkwardness out of meeting strangers while traveling.’

‘We’re all wasting time at airports; this is a way to make the most of that time. We built the app and now we’re building the community, we need travelers to join our growing community and tell their friends about it.

‘The more users we have, the more useful it will be for everyone, and the more interesting connections we’ll be able to make.’

3. A stalker’s paradise?

According to this article in AskMen:

Sounds a bit like a stalker?s paradise ? but hey, it might just be worth the risk after three Burger Kings and an hour spent trying to decipher the front page of a foreign newspaper.

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